What to Wear in London England

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 7:33am by Tyler Coleman

London has a very rich cultural and political background. Now it is creating a fashion background, too. A trip to London would truly be bliss if you know what to wear in London, England because that would allow you to be part of their culture and you can easily mix with the locals, too! So, what are you waiting for, just pack your bags and be on the move. Here is all you need to know!

What to Wear in London England

Weather in London

London’s weather has a reputation of being cold, damp and wet; and it is true, at least to some extent. One thing you must know about London’s weather is its unpredictability – it changes in an instant. People usually joke that you see no sun in summers there and sometimes it gets too sunny even in autumn. However, London has a moderate climate, it doesn’t witness scorching summers or freezing winters. The maximum summer temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius and a minimum winter temperature is 0 degree Celsius. London also witnesses a lot of rainfall and snow, in fact, rather unexpectedly. You just cannot take the weather for granted; it sneaks up on you sometimes. An umbrella is always useful when in London.

What to Wear in London?

London has a quirky and chic style of dressing, though you can spot casual too in certain areas. So depending on the weather and the places in your itinerary, you can pack for your vacations. Here are some suggestions:

Women – During summer, shorts and tube- or tank-tops will do for sightseeing, though it is always better to go for skirts as they are more versatile and elegant. You can skip the jeans in summer and autumn and opt for cotton or khaki pants in pop-colored hues or go neutral, if you wish, although people here favor dark colors. For the winter season, you can pack a few sweaters along with full-sleeve tops and an overcoat or a duffle coat, though it doesn’t get that cold here and you can do well in woolens and fleece, too. Always carry an umbrella or a trench, no matter what the season.

Men – Sightseeing will not require anything beyond jeans/trousers or shorts in the summers and a polo-neck T-shirt. You can also go for an open – neck styled shirts, too. A visit to Knightsbridge area will require a slightly smarter gear, like the inclusion of a blazer over well-fitted clothes. Englishmen are very keen on Chinos and shirts, so you can also pack a pair to make sure you fit in amongst them. Also keep formals over cultural events or for theatre as some of them have strict dress codes and you’ll be denied entry in jeans and T-shirts. For winters, carry a heavy jacket or a woolen sweater.

Kids – As kids are easily affected by weather, you can pack in layers for them. For a normal day out, you can go with jeans and cargoes along with t-shirts and a light jacket unless it is summer. Though it is a good idea to pack light jackets, no matter what season you are going in as the weather there changes pretty often. For winters, you can pack sweaters, coats and fleece and woolens.

Footwear – Though tube is available for transportation, it is still better to explore the place on foot and you cannot do that in a pair of high heels or shoes that sting your feet. So, carry only comfortable and durable shoes, like sandals or espadrilles or gladiators. You can also go for trainers, but not in white color and don’t wear them to nightclubs. Formal events would require a pair of heels and leather or suede shoes. As it rains a lot, keep gummy boots or rubber shoes, too.

Accessories – You can always jazz up a dull outfit with a bright scarf, so make sure you pack your scarves, too. Sunglasses and sunscreen are of course required all year round. You can also pack Pashmina shawls if you intend to visit the Camden area (ladies there go big on them and sunglasses). Also, pack a nice handbag to carry your stuff and a travel adapter, too. An umbrella is required all year round.

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