What to Wear in Las Vegas

Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 6:13am by Tyler Coleman

Every single soul wishes a trip to Vegas and have a taste of its lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Apart from a lot of money, you will also need to know what to wear in Las Vegas to fit in with the crowd so that you can boast to your friends about ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’!

What to Wear in Las Vegas

Weather of Las Vegas

We know that bank balance is more important than weather if you are planning a trip to Vegas, but if you must know Vegas has an arid, dry, and desert climate. Las Vegas is located in Mojave Desert and aligned to Sierra Nevada mountain range, which in turn forms a ‘rain shadow’ which leads to low rainfall in the region.

Summer – There is just one word for summer in Vegas – harsh! No matter how glamorous the city is, you have to keep in mind that you are after all in the middle of a desert. If you somehow manage to leave the air conditioned comforts of hotel rooms and casinos, you will be greeted with harsh and unyielding sun and a temperature above 40 degrees C. The only good thing about summers here is that humidity is still low which makes everything else bearable.

Winter – From December to February, Las Vegas is a pleasant place with an equally pleasant weather. Average high temperatures throughout the day are from 17 to 14 degrees C. while nights are much colder. It regularly falls below freezing during nights. It rarely snows here but winter snow is quite visible from December to late April in nearby mountain ranges.

Autumn/Spring – Autumn and spring are much the same in Las Vegas. Temperatures are pleasant with warm and hot days with relatively colder nights. In fact, both the seasons are highly tourist-friendly.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Las Vegas?

Las Vegas doesn’t have dress code in particular, but it won’t hurt to dress up nicely. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Vegas isn’t just about classy casinos and nightlife; it is a desert, too; so, wear clothes accordingly. Shorts and t-shirts are all cool for the day, but if you enter a casino or a restaurant, you would want a light jacket (in summers, too) as they have very strong air-conditioning. Don’t carry skimpy outfits just because it is Vegas and nobody cares for what you wear. If you don’t want to be mistaken for an escort, dress sensibly. Cocktail gowns and dresses will all do. Jeans and tank-tops are okay for the day, but casinos during night stick to dresses only. Do carry a bathing suit to take a dip in the pool and then something to cover up later.

Men – True that Vegas brings the man out, but don’t stray from the gentleman behavior (if you know what we mean)! As far as clothes are concerned, you can go for suits that fit in better. And, if you see people dining in t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and crocs in lavish restaurants, then you should only know one thing – they are millionaires! To get better treatment, we would advise going for a well-tailored suit in casinos, restaurants, and all the gala events. You can also go for collared button-down shirts along with full pants. T-shirts and shorts are fine for the day but do carry a light jacket in summers and a heavier one during winters.

Kids – Las Vegas isn’t a place where you will find a lot of kids, but if you still wish to take yours, then pack clothes according to its desert weather. Shorts, skirts, and tank-tops along with t-shirts are fine as long as they are out of restaurants. Once they are in, you would wish you had packed a jacket, at least. Winters would require lightweight jackets and sweaters along with jeans, full pants, or trousers paired with full-sleeve tops and shirts.

Footwear – You might be thinking about heels but the places here are so huge that going from one corner to other wearing six inches would be a torture for your feet. You can go for three inches, though. Men will need oxford or suede shoes. The classier, the better!

Accessories – Can you really survive in Vegas without a classy clutch, sunglasses, and a trendy bag? Probably not! So, pack them all along with a lot of credit cards.

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