What to Wear in Las Vegas in September

Posted on Oct 2 2013 - 3:57am by Tyler Coleman

Even though Vegas is basically a desert with soaring temperatures, September brings about a relief from the summer heat and tourists also start to thin out, which makes it a perfect time to visit Las Vegas. Apart from the infamous casinos and nightlife, Vegas also gives you a taste of international film festivals, college football, and of course the Greek Food Festival. If you are visiting Las Vegas during this time of the year, make sure you know what to wear in Las Vegas in September so that you don’t have to run around shopping.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in September

Weather of Las Vegas in September

September provides slight relief from the stifling heat of summer months as cooler conditions start prevailing here. The average daily highs of temperature are 36 degrees Celsius and night time average lows are 21 degrees Celsius. As you can see, the weather isn’t that cool, but it is not scorching either. However, as the month passes by, cooler temperatures can be observed making it a more enjoyable place to be. You can also indulge in outdoor pursuits like tennis, hiking, swimming, etc.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Las Vegas in September?

Packing for Vegas could actually be a challenge and to sort out that dilemma, go through the following suggestions:

Women – Lets’ be straight – there are many escorts out there, so dress appropriately lest you are mistaken for one. Showing skin is definitely ‘in’, but there is a limit of skin-show you can afford in this city. For daytime, you can go for shorts and skirts along with tank-tops and loose cotton shirts. Sundresses and rompers are also good options. For evenings, you can pack long gowns or cocktail dresses. For nightclubs, glitz is always in, so opt for sequined dresses, tank-tops and miniskirts, shorts dresses, etc. This is also a great place to relax by a poolside, so do pack your bikinis.

Men – Shorts and trunks for the pool and vests, too, if you wish; but ladies will be more impressed with your toned abs on display. For daytime, you can pack t-shirts and Bermuda shorts or half-sleeve shirts and trousers. Evening wear will be slightly formal with button-down shirts, full trousers, and a tie. For nightclubs, you can opt for trendy shirts, trousers or slacks or chinos and polo-neck t-shirts. However, a high-end designer watch on your wrist is guaranteed to get you better treatment and overlook any faux-pass at the roulette table.

Kids – You can pack shorts and t-shirts for your kids. Girls can also go for miniskirts or flowing skirts along with tank-tops or sleeveless tops. Sundresses and jumpers are also good options. Boys can go for Bermuda shorts, t-shirts and semi-formal shirts.

Footwear – You will need comfy shoes, so opt for trendy sneakers or flat ballets. Men can also go for leather or suede shoes while ladies can stick to their stilettos.

Accessories – A chic pair of sunglasses and a trendy bag are must-haves in Vegas; if high-end, then better! You will also need a good sunscreen.

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