What to Wear in Las Vegas in October

Posted on Oct 2 2013 - 4:05am by Tyler Coleman

Weather-wise and event-wise, October is a great month to pay a visit to Las Vegas. The weather is more than pleasant in October with cooler temperatures and there are so many events you can be a part of – like the US Open of Supercross where all the racing pros are invited and then there is Viva Las Vegas with wet ‘n’ wild theme parties. Vegas is sure to get under skin. Just to be on the safer side, start planning in advance about your activities and packing. To know more about what to wear in Vegas in October, read on.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in October

Weather of Las Vegas in October

The weather in October is cooler making it a good month to visit Las Vegas. The daytime highs generally reach 28 degrees Celsius and the nighttime lows drop down to 14 degrees Celsius. On an average, 10 hours of sunshine can be expected during this month and the chances of rain in October are higher than summer months. As the weather is cool enough, you can go out and explore the city or indulge in outdoor activities. The temperature can drop considerably in the evenings.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Las Vegas in October?

This could be a little tricky given the kind of status Vegas holds. It completely depends on you if you want to be bold and take risks or play it safe. Here are some suggestions for both:

Women – When it comes to dressing for clubs and nightclubs, there is a difference between showing too much skin and dressing sexy yet classy. Going for the latter one is somehow a better option. You can opt for miniskirts and tank-tops and accessorize with faux-beads or go for sequined dresses or short dresses. Maxi dresses can be worn during daytime. For evening wear, you can opt for cocktail gowns. Just remember to pack a diaphanous sundress, mini dress and a flowing skirt and you are all set to hit the city.

Men – While women will sparkle across the dance floors in their glitzy dresses, you will need something equally good to make an impression. You can opt for lightweight slacks and trendy shirts for nightclubs. For evening time, you can add a light blazer to your outfit. For casinos, you will need formal shirt, trouser and a tie too.

Kids – Shorts and t-shirts will work for day. Girls can opt for capris, shorts and skirts along with tops and shirts. The temperature drops a little in the evening, so pack a light jacket, too.

Footwear – Comfortable shoes will definitely be required but make sure they are trendy and stylish. Ladies can opt for black or golden stilettos which work with almost every dress. Trainers and sneakers can also be packed. Guys, pack your dancing shoes as this is definitely a place to show your moves.

Accessories – Sunscreen and sunglasses are required all year round. Bags and clutches to match your dress and hats to accessorize your look can also be added.

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