What to Wear in Las Vegas in November

Posted on Oct 2 2013 - 4:09am by Tyler Coleman

A trip to Vegas might send your blood pumping double its original rate because after all it is ‘the sin city’! So, while you might be all excited about what to do, places to visit and definitely sweating it out in the gym to tone those abs (or enhancing the curves) to look your best, you might miss one small detail. And NO, we aren’t talking about googling ways to cure hangovers. We mean packing – the most basic thing! Take a look at what to wear in Las Vegas in November.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in November

Weather of Las Vegas in November

Compared to previous autumn months, Vegas can seem a little colder in November. The average daytime temperatures are 20 degrees Celsius which drop to around 7 degrees after sunset. Even negative temperatures have been recorded in past, but that is unlikely to happen very often. On an average, over 3 days of rainfall can be expected in November. You may find that it is too cold to go swimming outside, so take advantage of the heated pools that are offered by most of the hotels. The weather is cold, so avoid going out in early morning, but the weather is also a great excuse to head to casinos and strip malls.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Las Vegas in November?

The weather is cold enough for you take out your designer coats and sweaters. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Turn the heat up in Vegas with your classy dresses and style. It might be cold outside, but once you are inside, it’s the same pleasant warm weather. So, when going out, you will need something warm like heavy sweaters and coats. You can also go for tunics and warm slacks and layer them with cardigans or jackets. Coats might be required on certain occasions. For the rest, stick to your LBDs, and shorts dresses. Bikinis will still be required for heated pools.

Men – Shirts and warm trousers will keep you warm all the way. You can also go for t-shirts and jeans and then layer them with a jacket or a hoodie. As far as casual is concerned, jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts will work well. For formal purposes, you will need button-down collared shirts and warm trousers along with a tie and blazer, and in case it is still cold, add an overcoat too.

Kids – It’s best to pack in layers, so that the temperature difference here doesn’t take you by surprise. Pack lightweight jackets and cardigans with heavier ones so that they can be easily added or removed. Jeans and warm shirts and tops can be packed along with woolen slacks and sweaters.

Footwear – Men can go for loafers (not new and Italian) but rather worn ones! Same with ladies, pack shoes that you have worn before and instead of 6 inches go for 3 inch heels or stock your favorite Band-Aids too. Boots are in vogue too and thankfully, flats are fashionable again!

Accessories – Band-Aids (why?? See above). Scarves, sunglasses and a chic bag will also be required.

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