What to Wear in Las Vegas in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 5:16am by Tyler Coleman

Las Vegas can be cold and blustery during January but the casinos are sure to take your mind off the cold weather. And in case you are not the gambling type (that’s a polite of saying you are just underage) there are a number of shows, concerts and festivities to indulge while you are in Vegas, so be ready with your bags and passports because you are in for a ride. Read on to know what to wear in Las Vegas in January so that you don’t land on the wrong foot.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in January

Weather of Las Vegas in January

January isn’t just the coldest month in Vegas, but one of the wettest too. However, it isn’t peak tourist season so the city is quieter vis-a-vis other months. The average daytime temperature during January is 8 degrees Celsius which drops to 1 degree by sunset. The average amount of sunshine that can be expected is 8 hours per day. The weather can be blustery at times and on rare occasion you can witness snowfall in Vegas though the city hasn’t seen snow over some years now.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Las Vegas in January

January has nearly freezing temperatures so you will need the heaviest of coats and sweaters. Here are some suggestions:

Women – For daytime you can opt for jeans and long pants like warm trousers and slacks. Pair them with full-sleeved blouses and tops and then layer with cardigans and sweaters. If you want to go for short dresses then make sure you have enough to layer yourself with because the wind might just freeze you. Cute tops with skinny jeans always work well and can be layered with jackets and blazers. For nightclubs and restaurants or casinos you can stick to LBDs, skirts and addresses but make sure you wear enough layers while you are outside the venue. Inside, you won’t need much as these places are heated.

Men – As long as you are sporting the latest Italian shoes and a costly watch, nobody is going to pay attention to what you are wearing, but for the sake of comfort you must pack enough woolens. For daytime, you can opt for jeans and polo neck shirts along with a leather jacket or a woolen sweater. Hoodies and jeans look cool and casual, too! However, during evenings you may have to go slightly formal with suits or trousers and button down shirts along with blazers and overcoats.

Kids – You can pack warm shirts and blouses along with slacks and jeans layered with sweaters. Pack lots of fleece and woolen sweaters and jackets. Overcoats can also be packed for kids.

Footwear – Whether you are out for sightseeing or just passing time in casinos, brace yourself for a lot of walking. So to avoid any frosty or blistery feet later pack comfy shoes and boots or stick to flats.

Accessories – Pack sunglasses, sunscreen, purse/bag and straw hat for the pool and woolen hats for everywhere else.

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