What to Wear in Las Vegas in February

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 7:50am by Tyler Coleman

There is a lot that Vegas offers you even during winters and not the least famous casinos. The city plays host to World Archery Festival during February. You can also experience the Chinese New Year celebrations where you can indulge in folk dances, martial arts or just pamper your taste buds with some traditional cuisine. This is also black history month and a number of events are held across the city to celebrate influence of African-American people on the culture and entertainment of Vegas. To avoid any sort of inconvenience later, you must make sure that you have packed well and for that you need to know what to wear in Las Vegas in February.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in February

Weather of Las Vegas in February

February is a cold and wet month and is quite like January. The average daytime temperature during February is 11 degrees Celsius which can drop down to 4 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t snow much so you have just rains to worry about. The average amount of sunshine is 9 hours per day. February isn’t a peak tourist season but it does see some tourist influx with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Las Vegas in February?

Vegas is a desert and that means when the sun goes down, the temperatures almost freeze. So make sure you have enough of woolens to keep you warm. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Almost everything goes here from super skimpy outfits to jeans and t-shirts. The only thing you should be concerned is how not to overpack as during the day women can be spotted in jeans and skirts while nights see more of formals gowns and dresses. Also, it will be freezing cold out there so make sure you do pack enough of layers like cardigans and jackets. For casinos and restaurants, pack a dress along with a cardigan and an overcoat to wear outside.

Men – As just mentioned, anything goes here. For daytime you can opt for jeans and polo neck shirts along with a leather jacket or a woolen sweater. Hoodies and jeans look cool and casual too. However, during evenings you may have to go slightly formal with suits or trousers and button down shirts along with blazers and overcoats.

Kids – You can pack warm shirts and blouses along with slacks and jeans layered with sweaters. Pack lots of fleece and woolen sweaters and jackets. Overcoats can also be packed for kids.

Footwear – Be prepared for a lot of walking as casinos/ hotels are more than just huge here. Sometimes the walk from one corner of lobby to other is torture enough for your feet. Carry comfy shoes like boots or if you want to maintain some elegance go for shoes with insoles or stick to your hush puppies.

Accessories – Sunscreen and hats will be required during the day. Do carry a nice purse for evenings and a tote for daytime. Scarves will also add color to your dresses.

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