What to Wear in Las Vegas in December

Posted on Oct 2 2013 - 4:16am by Tyler Coleman

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are reason enough to party in Vegas during December. In case you have plans to be part of the same, its best you are packed appropriately so that nothing plays a party-pooper!  Here is what to wear in Las Vegas in December.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in December

Weather of Las Vegas in December

December is a lot cooler than other months in Vegas and the weather tends to be windy and cold with occasional rain. The daytime temperatures generally reach highs of 15 degrees which drop down to 2 degrees during night. On an average, 8 hours of sunshine can be expected per day. If you intend to go out for a walk or any outdoor activity, don’t go out early morning as it is very cold. Wait until early afternoon when the weather is slightly warmer and less windy.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Las Vegas in December?

It’s cold, very cold out in the Vegas! So unless you want to walk around with freezing veins, we suggest you pack heavy stuff. Here are some suggestions:

Women – First of all, pack in layers so that you can remove or add clothes as and when required. Warm coats, heavy woolens would be required for going out during the day. You can go for jeans, full-sleeve blouses and tops and layer them with light cardigans and then coats. Your trendy dresses can still be worn but only once you are inside buildings, so do pack short dresses and gowns but wear them with long and heavy coats and scarves. And, bikinis will still be required; after all, there are heated pools for a reason.

Men – There is no other place you can show off your abs except at the pool given how cold the weather is. So, pack shorts and trunks for the pool and then forget them. To go out, you will need more than warm clothes like jackets coats, etc. Opt for warm trousers and shirts and wear them with a sports jacket or a leather one. For formal wear, you can opt for button-down shirts and warm trousers and layer them with a blazer or coat. It’s better if you carry clothes and watches of high-end brands; gets you better treatment!

Kids – Pack warm clothes for your kids. You can pack tunics and warm slacks or leggings for girls and then layer with heavy sweaters or a coats. Jeans and full-sleeve warm t-shirts and shirts are must haves along with lots of woolen and fleece sweaters. Heavier clothes are better during this time of the year.

Footwear – Comfortable footwear is one thing you cannot afford to miss on any trip. Given the weather here, it’s best to opt for closed-toe shoes. Trainers and sneakers will do. Ladies can also go for ankle booties or boots as most of the women here will be spotted wearing them. Do pack woolen socks, too.

Accessories – Woolen scarves and mufflers will not just look trendy but also save you from the cold weather. Also pack your chic sunglasses and a classy designer bag. Gloves can also be packed.

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