What to Wear in Italy

Posted on Jul 2 2013 - 5:17am by Tyler Coleman

Italy is a beautiful country to visit. Lying in Southern Europe, the country is home to oldest civilizations and Roman Catholic culture. The country is home to the latest fashion and delicious cuisines and some of the greatest sights in the world. You wouldn’t want to feel under- or overdressed amongst them. All you need to know is what to wear in Italy and you are good to go!

What to Wear in Italy

Weather of Italy

Italy has a highly diverse weather due to its Mediterranean climate. Most parts of Italy are hot, with July being the hottest month of the year. Winters can be cold and damp towards the north, but a little mild towards south. Its peninsula coastal regions are very different from the interiors of the country and especially during winter months when such higher altitudes tend to get cold, snowy and wet. The region towards Alps has a milder climate with cool summers, but colder winters. Here’s a look at major seasons of the country.

Summer – Summers in Italy are very hot and dry and the temperature is particularly high during July, though summers start from June and continue until September. The temperature soars above 30 degrees Celsius and sightseeing in such weather can be arduous and uncomfortable. The Sun stays out for about 11 hours per day and though it rarely rains in summer, you can still expect an occasional shower.

Autumn – Autumn marks the wettest time of the year in Italy while bringing down the temperature graph to 20 degrees. Night time is particularly clear in November with frequent rains.

Winter – Winters in this country are characterized by cold and rainy weather. The days are overcast with only 4 hours of sunshine, but if you are lucky you can get a little crisp and clear days which do not witness rainfall and chilling frosty winds.

Spring – With the advent of spring, the temperature starts rising up but only enough to make the days pleasant and a perfect to spend outdoors.

What to Wear in Italy?

Deciding what to wear in this diverse country could be a difficult task, given its varied climate and regions and fashion choices. But with careful planning and considerations (and a little reading of this article) you will not stand out as a tourist and will easily meld with the locals. Here are some suggestions for you:

Women – Cotton tank tops and shorts (both dark and light colors can be included) as they will be your perfect allies during scorching heat. Also keep a long-sleeve t-shirt or blouse accompanied with jeans as some Churches do not allow entry with bare shoulders and legs. For denims, you can go with universal blue or add some bright colors. You can also keep a charming floor-length dress in case you end up at some party or an elegant restaurant. Keep leggings and skirts with complimentary blouses. For winters, you might want to keep trench coats and sweaters.

Men – You will spot a lot of men in well-fitted jacket in Italy so that makes it to the top of your priority list. You might want to compliment them with neutral shades of pants or denims so pack them, too. Also keep a crisp white shirt or a dark one, too, as both will be required for outing. For casual wear, you can stick to T-shirts and denims in bright or dark colors. Avoid shorts as men in that country don’t generally venture out in shorts unless it is scorching. For cooler temperatures, pack a nice trench and a jacket or a sweater.

Kids – Skirts and leggings or slacks would be just perfect for your girl for summers and if the temperature dips, you could layer it up with a shrug or a lightweight sweater. Jeans and full- sleeve tops would also be good options for both boys and girls. For boys, you can also pack shirts and pants along with lightweight sweaters and trench coats if you want.

Footwear – Keep it comfortable and classy! Pack sneakers and closed-toe shoes that let you walk without any discomfort. For night-outs, you can pack heels and leather shoes.

Accessories – Sunglasses and a trendy handbag is a must-have in Italy. Keep sunscreen handy, and, of course, go big on scarves and trendy jewelry.

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