What to Wear in Italy in September

Posted on Jul 27 2013 - 12:21pm by Tyler Coleman

September is a time when Italians return from their summer trips and vacations. As summer comes to an end, the entire country turns into a festive mood with many festivals lined up. September is also the month of food festival throughout Italy and this is the ideal time for being on a lookout for bright posters in order to enjoy some authentic regional food. There are also some top-notch festivals in Italy during September, like the Venice Film Festival and Mito International Music Festival which is hosted by Milan and Toronto, together. There are many more! So, to mingle up with the locals, you need to dress right and that would come with the knowledge of what to wear in Italy in September.

What to Wear in Italy in September

Weather of Italy in September

If you have to describe the climate of Italy in one word, that would be ‘varied’. It has snow-capped mountains in the north and then year-round warm climate towards the south; especially the winter temperatures vary a lot within the country from the Alpine climate of the north to the Mediterranean climate of the south. It can be below freezing in Milan while at the same time Sicily might be experiencing 20 degrees Celsius. Summer variations are, however, less marked but the difference in temperatures of coastal regions and the interiors of the country remains unaffected. The mountainous regions of Italy, too, create various microclimates.

September, however, is an ideal time to visit Italy. After facing scorching heat from the summer months, temperatures finally take a dip. Autumn begins in late September and the weather is still dry with less crowded holiday resorts.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Italy in September?

If you are wondering what to pack for your Italian trip, here is an advice for you “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. With that said, you need to dress up like the locals. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Shorts are not considered too good for Roman streets. Instead, you can go for summer dresses. You can go for cotton tank-tops to save yourself from the heat. Also carry a long-sleeve top, in case the temperatures drop further. One elegant and charming long dress is essential, in case you have plans to go somewhere elegant. One dark pair of skinny jeans or cotton Capris can also be kept. If you prefer tunics, make sure you keep the leggings to cover up. Also make sure you keep something decent for the churches there. Entry is restricted in bare shoulders, so pants and a full-sleeve top or blouse will do.

Men – Khaki or black long pants along with black or brown shoes are considered to be the proper attire for Roman restaurants or Opera. You can pair them up with linen or full-sleeve cotton shirts. Polo shirts will also look nice. Like women, you should avoid wearing shorts. You can opt for cotton Capris or Bermuda shorts instead. T-shirts and jeans with good fittings can also be packed. Churches will ask you to cover up before letting you in.

Kids – Unlike the grownups, kids can go for shorts. In fact, they would be perfect for September weather. You can also go for cotton skirts and tank-tops or T-shirts. Also keep a full-sleeve blouses and T-shirts and jeans for churches. Jumpers and skirts are good options.

Footwear – You definitely need good walking shoes in Italy as your vacation will involve a lot of walking for sightseeing. Make sure not to wear heels and leather shoes in the streets as they are slippery. You can go for wedging espadrilles or flat ballet shoes. Men can go for loafers. You will see some young Italians dresses up in color runners but it would be best to go for black or brown. However, for restaurants, men prefer lace-up shoes instead of runners.

Accessories – Sunscreen and sunglasses are must and it is better if they are dark and glare-free. Carry a light jacket or sweater for the evening as it gets cold sometimes. A nice purse and tote bag is also required and try to ignore a fanny pack as it draws unwanted attention. As far as hats are concerned, you can buy one in Rome, white one with a black belt.

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