What to wear in Italy in October

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 7:06am by Tyler Coleman

Italy considered as main middle power is a country worth visiting. The streets, the Colosseum, the beautiful cities, the leaning tower and what not we have in Italy. Due to the great longitudinal extension of the peninsula, the climate of Italy is very diverse. If you are planning a trip to Italy, you need to make sure you pack accordingly. Venice, Rome, Naples, Pisa and Genoa are some of the beautiful cities in Italy and I would say you better pack enough stuff to stay as you would need a lifetime to explore Italy. If we talk about the best time to visit Italy, it is between summers and winters; one should prefer to avoid hot summers and harsh winters. Visiting Italy in October could be very pleasant. However, for this, you ought to know what to wear in Italy in October, and the main problem that arises here is what to add to your wardrobe as you’ll need to plan it well to avoid difficulty in rapidly changing conditions.

What to wear in Italy in October

Weather of Italy in October

In mid of October, you will find wet weather in Italy. Even the roads get blocked. In the end of October, it is cold. However, in the daytime it is comparatively warm. The temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius, but the weather here could be both wet and cold or dry and warm. You need to prepare yourself accordingly. In short, weather in Italy can be warm/cold/wet. You have to pack well so that you can enjoy and be comfortable both indoors and outdoors. If you are in Italy, you can’t just resist the beautiful place. So you better get ready for the rains.

What to Wear in Italy in October

Being an outsider, you have to dress up keeping a good balance between style and comfort. You won’t like being an alien there. It is not too cold in Italy in October so you can wear lightweight clothing during your travel. To bring separates like pants or skirts can be a wise choice here. For cold, you need to get sweaters also. For rains, you better get a water-resistant jacket with you that could also protect you from cold, as it could be very chilly. As the weather in Italy is very diverse, you can’t just avoid any type of clothing. You have to prepare for all possible conditions. Suggested are clothes and shoes that match with all of your other stuff so that you can be fashionable along with being ready for the changing weather. Dressing in layers is recommended as you won’t know when the sun is going down and it is suddenly rainy!

Here are some suggestions.

Women – Should carry both full- and half-sleeve shirts to face both warm and cold conditions. Avoid clothes that are not comfortable to wear on rainy days as it is likely to happen. Don’t forget to match the shirts with the pants or skirts. Opt for jackets that can go well in both rainy and chilly weather. It will be helpful in those long nights-walks in the streets of Italy. Let the jackets be medium weighed as it won’t be too chilly there.

Men – Choose clothes that won’t make you feel like the odd one out in the foreign land. Your attire must be what the Italians see regularly on the roads if you don’t want those eyes staring at you. Avoid wearing shorts if you are planning to visit church as you won’t even get the entry! Pack comfortable pants with matching shirts or T-shirts along with water-resistant jackets. Bold colors are not at all a problem in Italy.

Kids – Irritated kid can’t enjoy anywhere. So, in this case, let the comfort be the priority. Let the kids wear what they want. You don’t want your kids to cry while you are looking for some fun! Get T-shirts and jeans for boys and skirts or pants or shorts for girls.

Footwear – Remember, you are here to explore this amazing country and you won’t like being stuck in your hotel room due to rain or that shoe bite. So, get comfortable shoes – less heels and those in which you can walk a lot without getting hurt and thus shouldn’t be damaged in rain and mud. You can choose a pair of flat boots that are both fashionable as well as comfortable.

Accessories – You can look fabulous with the right kind of accessories. While visiting Italy, go for big handbags, nice earrings and a hat. Scarf, worn by all, is both a style factor and can be used during that sudden sunny day. You must get an umbrella for sure. Try to take a light-weight and limited accessories that will go for all.

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