What to wear in Italy in July

Posted on Jul 5 2013 - 4:06am by Tyler Coleman

Some of you might be intimidated by stifling heat and would decide against visiting Italy during July, but the fact is most of the people prefer visiting the beautiful country during the summers nevertheless the heat. July is a month when the country is bustling with activities. The third week of July witnesses Feast de Redentore (Feast of the Redeemer) and this is celebrated on a massive scale with a regatta on the Grand Canal complete with fireworks. Shakespeare Festival is also going on during July where theater lovers can enjoy Bard’s plays. And if you happen to be a culture vulture, you can enjoy the Opera Festival in July which has a wide range of performances of theatre, poetry, dance, and opera. There are also regular ballets and concerts on the Piazza Beniamino Gigli. You can also pay a visit to the Spoleto Festival in the first half of the month which also includes performances of ballet, dance, concerts, theatre, films, and opera. So, you see there is so much you can do during July in Italy, and if you know how to dress right, you can immerse yourself amongst Italians. All you need to know is what to wear in Italy in July!

What to wear in Italy in July

Weather of Italy in July

July is undoubtedly the hottest month of Italy, and even though temperature reaches above 30 degrees Celsius, it is still a very busy month with a lot of cultural events taking place in various cities like Venice and Rome. The days are scorching and even the evenings are not much cooler, though the temperature can drop down to 17 degrees Celsius. You can expect sun to stay out for ten to eleven hours and rains are very unlikely.  As heat takes over the country, you will miss the cool sea breeze and sometimes it can become so hot that sightseeing will get slightly uncomfortable.

What to Wear in Italy?

That is really a tough decision given you have to look equally trendy and glam just like the Italians and owing to the weather there, shorts and tank tops are all you can think of. But there is nothing to worry about because the clothing options are quite many to choose from. Take a look below:

Women – Ladies, you have a number of dresses to choose from. Since July witnesses a lot of cultural events like operas and theater, you will need proper dresses for such events. So, pack floor-length gowns or elegant dresses that make you look equally charming at such events. If you are thinking of hitting the beach, then a bikini and a sarong is must for you along with shorts and tank tops. You can also keep skirts, both short and long and wear them with sleeveless tops. You can pack pants in neutral shades in cotton and khaki and something slightly conservative if you intend to visit churches.

Men – Guys, you would want to pack a lot of cotton shirts in both formal and casual styles. You see, this is a month full of cultural events in the country and you cannot go everywhere in shorts and T-shirts. Though you can still pack them for a casual day-out, like sightseeing or something, but if you are going to an opera or theater, you will have to dress formally in shirts and pants. You can keep a white shirt and a grey or black trouser with that or a dark shirt and complimentary pants. And, if visiting churches are on your itinerary, make sure you do pack a shirt and pants.

Kids – You can pack shorts and skirts for your kids with a half – sleeve or sleeveless shirts and tops. For formal occasions, skirts with leggings will be good or a nice dress for your girl and shirts and trousers for your boy.

Footwear – Forget leather in such weather. You can keep sandals and sneakers for sightseeing and suede shoes and heels and wedges for formal outings.

Accessories – Your accessories will consist of sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat – without them, it would be difficult to survive in Italy in July. Carry an umbrella, in case it rains, though that is very unlikely. Glam shades and a trendy handbag are must in Italy!

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