What to Wear in Italy in January

Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 2:00pm by Tyler Coleman

Italy is a country with a rich culture and tradition which attracts visitors in huge crowds throughout the year. There are a number of extraordinary buildings in the Vatican which must be visited if you are on a trip to Rome. Early January also sees the feast of epiphany (Befana in Italian) during which a fair is held at Piazza Navona along with ordinance of new bishops at St. Peter’s Basilica. To make your journey even more fun, make sure you have packed every item of necessity and for that you need to know what to wear in Italy in January.

What to Wear in Italy in January

Weather of Italy in January

Italy enjoys a Mediterranean climate and with that come extreme temperatures during summers and winters. While it is pretty warm during summers, it can get a bit chillier during winters and January is a peak winter month in Italy. The average daily temperature during daytime reaches to 12 degrees Celsius and drops down to about 3 degrees Celsius after sunset. Apart from being bitter cold, January also witnesses a lot of rainfall along with just 4 hours of sunshine per day on an average.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Italy in January?

While in Rome, do as the Romans do! So while you are here, dress as the locals here dress up and you can easily blend in. here are some suggestions for packing:

Women – Italian women have an innate sense of fashion and elegance and they tend to dress with an understated elegance. Blacks are always in and so are neutrals. Women generally refrain from loud or bright colors and opt for rather neutral and darker shades. Warm black slacks will be your mainstay along with dark colored denims and jeans. Also pack a black overcoat with some layers of light cardigans. Pack a dressy piece of clothing to go out for dinner along with a shawl and an overcoat.

Men – Italian men tend to dress ‘smarter’ than the usual lot but blending in won’t require many efforts. One thing you must leave at home is your rugged pair of jeans and loud t-shirts. Best is to stick to shirts in dark and neutral colors and pair them with trousers in mainstay color (which is black). Also pack some light jackets and sweaters to act as layers under an overcoat. A trench coat can also be packed given how often rains sneak up on you.

Kids – Warm black slacks, denims in dark colors along with t-shirts and shirts in warm fabrics and neutral colors can be packed. You can pack some cardigans or woolen sweaters too. Leather jackets and coats will also work well.

Footwear – Ladies can opt for flat ballets during the day or trainers or sneakers along with woolen socks. Strappy shoes will work well for dinners. And for guys, it’s time to take out your latest Italian shoes!

Accessories – Pack a woolen or cashmere scarf or a shawl along with a tote and sunglasses.

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