What to Wear in Italy in February

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:24am by Tyler Coleman

Italy is well known for its extravagant architecture, beautiful scenery and great food. Visiting Italy can be an awesome experience for someone who has never been outside the US. It is important to remember that Italy during February is known for its cold temperatures. If you are planning on visiting Italy during February, it is important to be prepared. With an average high of about 55 and a average low of 33, you may see some snowfall while visiting. Fortunately Italy does not experience any heavy rainfall during this period of time.

What to Wear in Italy in February

Weather of Italy in February

Cold weather can completely ruin a vacation or trip, especially if you have not packed for it. Italy is known for its cool, windy weather that can send chills up your spine. The best way to prepare for this weather is to bring plenty of coats, boots and other accessories. If you fail to properly pack for your trip to Italy, you could find yourself stuck inside during February. Here are some great ideas for packing for your February trip to Italy:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Italy in February ?

Women: Ladies should definitely invest in a scarf for this trip to Italy. The cold weather can nip at your neck making the trip very uncomfortable. Women should also invest in shawls and a light jacket for the day. This light jacket should keep you pretty warm and colors should be kept pretty dark. During this time period the women of Italy dressed more conservatively and prefer to wear dark hues of colors. Dark jeans and denim should be a staple of your clothing choice, as these pants will keep your legs warm during the February cold. If you plan on going out it is important to bring an overcoat to go along with your dress or elegant night wear.

Men: Shorts should be avoided if possible, however if you do decide to wear shorts, it should be during the day time. Men’s dress is similar to women’s in that, dark jeans and denims should be worn. These pants are incredibly versatile and can be worn with a pullover or a dress shirt. Also, it is good for men to pack sweaters, cardigans and anything they can find with long sleeves. February may bring about rain, so a nice hooded jacket may work incredibly well for men.

Kids: You want to dress your children in warm fabrics such as: Fleece or cotton. This is true of both girls and boys as the February cold can really affect them. Dark T-shirts, jeans and skirts should be worn as well as nice jacket for the night time. Leather jackets are a plus for evening wear. Woolen sweaters with hoods and cardigans are great options for children during the day time.

Footwear: During the colder seasons a lot of body heat is lost through the feet. For this reason it is important to bring shoes that are both comfy as well as warm. Also, you want to invest in shoes that are water resistant and will not stain easily. Italy in February is typically not rainy, but can have its share of late winter showers. For women, sandals can be worn during the daytime and heels at night(so long as they are closed toed). Men and children can wear trainers, athletic shoes and boots.

Accessories: A pea coat is a great accessory for men to bring along with a pair of earmuffs. Women and children can bring overcoats and a nice russian hat to keep their heads warm.


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