What to Wear in Italy in April

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 3:48am by Tyler Coleman
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The great country of Italy is a great location for those who have never traveled to an European country. Italy is well known for it’s beautiful scenery, great food and a variety of cultural activities. Many travelers to Italy choose to come during the Spring time, because of the beauty weather and countryside. The best month to come to Italy to enjoy the nature and ambience of the city would have to be in April. During this month, the climate of the country is very enjoyable and not too chilly. Before coming to Italy in April there are a few things for you to consider about this trip.

What to Wear in Italy in April

Weather of Italy in April

Packing for a trip to Italy is primarily focused on the weather and climate of this country. During the month of April, Italy is typically very pleasant experiencing plenty of sunshine with some rainfall. The climate of Italy has been described as a subtropical humid one with high precipitation and humidity. The average highs of Italy in April is around 19 degrees celsius and the average lows are around 8 degrees celsius. Packing for this trip may seem a bit difficult with the change in the weather, but it can be done.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Italy in April

When it comes to packing for this trip the rule of thumb is to bring more than you would need. Some people believe that overpacking is a problem that can lead to paying for more luggage on a flight. The truth is that overpacking is simply a myth. The idea of bringing more clothes is important especially to a trip to Italy. This country is known for its high end fashion that can be very expensive. Failure to bring something that you may need(eg. jacket) can result in you paying hundreds of dollars on your trip. By thoroughly packing for this trip you will eliminate the need to buy any additional clothes during your trip.

Women: What to Wear

Women should opt for winter and spring type of clothing options for their wardrobe. A woman should keep in mind that Italy is known for its style and fashion, so she should be fashionable as well as comfortable. One great option is a nice cardigan top with a pair of shorts. A popular type of cardigan is called the Boyfriend cardigan or the Oversized cardigan, this look is very chic and trendy. You should opt for oversized cardigans with a deeper V neck, as these will go great with a nice pair of slimming black jeans.

During the evening time would be the best time to put on some more casual or upscale clothes. Another option for cardigans would be the formless variation. This cardigan drapes over a womans frame causing a messy look. To add some more style and flair to it, place a belt over it to add a hour glass effect to your frame. This look goes great with leggings or jeggings.

Men: What to Wear

Men should opt for more causal to trendy looking styles of clothing while on their trip to Italy in April. One great option for men would be a nice V neck shirt with a pair of dark washed jeans. This look is very casual and can be worn around Italy in the daytime. The V neck shirt should be a dark colors such as: grey, white, black or navy blue. This will work well as a contrast to the Italian countryside. Many men should choose a pants style that they feel most comfortable in. A pair of skinny jeans may be a great choice for some men, but it would be best to go with a fitted pair of jeans. Fitted jeans oftentimes allow the legs to breathe and offer you more comfort while walking around Italy.

When the evening falls it is time to put on a jacket and a pair of nice slacks. The best outfit for going out during the evening time would consist of a nice dress shirt and a pair of dark slacks. The dress shirt can be any color as long as it fits your frame correctly. A button up shirt is great because it can be worn with a variety of different things including: vest, cardigans, sweaters and jackets.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids should bundle up during the daytime as well as at night. Though the weather is rather comfortable during the day, there is a good chance that you will experience some rainfall while in Italy. Kids have a lot of options available to them including: pants, jeans, shorts and capris. All of these options are both comfortable as well as stylish. Finally make sure to include a few changes of jackets or overcoats for children. This will come in handy during the chilly evening times.

Footwear: What to Wear

The best footwear for an April trip to Italy would be a nice pair of loafers. Loafers are known as comfortable traveling shoes all around the world. Loafers are typically thought of as having the comfort of tennis shoes with the look of a dress shoes. Loafers are great as they go with a wide variety of different outfits. Loafers look great on men, women and children and can be worn day or night. Another great option would be a few options of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are universal and can be worn anywhere at anytime.

Accessories: What to Wear

A great accessory for those visiting Italy in April would be a nice pair of earmuffs for the nighttime. Earmuffs will come quite in handy during those chilly nights in Italy. In most cases people tend to forget little accessories like this because they are not considered fashion necessities. However, earmuffs can help make your experience in Italy much more pleasant. Earmuffs go great with scarves, as both of these accessories help keep a person warm. Scarves can come in a variety of different colors to match your outfits.

Italy in April: Where to Go

When traveling to Italy in April one city that you must absolutely visit is Rome. Not only is this Italy’s capital city, but it is also home to the Vatican. The Vatican is also known as the Holy See and is regarded as one of the prominent Catholic churches in the world. This is also the location that the Pope lives in and performs his duties. There are many tours that will take you along the Vatican and allow you to see certain aspects of the location.

Skiing in Italy in April

There are dozens of great ski resorts for people to catch some great snow and slopes. During the month of April, spring time is in full swing so finding a slope with great skiing may be kind of difficult. Livingo in Italy offers visitors great slopes during the late snow season. Along with this high altitude destination, the city of Livingo also is tax free. This means all the food and drink you eat will be at a reasonable price.

Travel in Italy in April

Italy in April offers a variety of great options for Travel. Aside from heading to the capital of Rome, you can also visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a hotspot of Italy, which attracts millions of visitors every year. April would be the best time to come visit this city as it is incredibly pleasant during this time.