What to Wear in Istanbul in September

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 5:35pm by Tyler Coleman

Istanbul is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city that has a history span of six centuries. Half of it lies in Asia while the other half lies in Europe, and both are divided by the Bosporus Straight. While you are heading there, it is important to know what to wear in Istanbul in September as it is Muslim city and being a little respecting towards the culture always helps.

What to Wear in Istanbul in September

Weather of Istanbul in September

If you detest the summer crowds, but still want to enjoy high temperatures and plenty of sunshine in Istanbul, September is the month to go. The temperatures are pleasant and soar up to 23 degrees during daytime while drop down to 16 degrees Celsius after sunset. The sea is pleasantly warm so you can always pick up your towel and head to the beach. If sports are what you are interested in, Non Stop Beach is the place to be. You can try your hand at volleyball, basketball, tennis, and many other water sports here.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Istanbul in September?

Although the city is predominantly Sunni Muslim, the general Muslim dress rules don’t apply here. You can pretty much dress up like you would in any other European city with the only exception being Mosques.

Women – You can pretty much wear anything but what you wear determines how you are received. Shorts and t-shirts are the marks of a tourist, and if you have no problem in being treated like one, you can go for them but make sure you have your knees covered. Light summer clothing would be perfect, like sundresses or tunics. You can also go for floral and cotton skirts and pair them up with short-sleeve blouses. For visiting the mosques, you can opt for full-length pants and pair them up with a full-sleeve shirts or blouses. You can also go for pantsuits and don’t forget a light jacket for evenings.

Men – It is better if you go for smart casuals like half-sleeve shirts and pants. You can also go for polo neck t-shirts and pair them up with chinos. Full pants and full-sleeve shirts would be required for mosques, so do pack a pair. A light jacket will also be required for evenings.

Kids – You can pack t-shirts, shorts or skirts for kids. They, too, will have to cover up in mosques, so pack something conservative like full-sleeve shirts/blouses and pants or trousers. A light jacket or cardigan will be enough for evening breeze.

Footwear – Most of the time would be spent walking here, so pack comfy shoes like sandals or gladiators. You can also go for flat ballets or trainers. Flip-slops would be required if you intend to use a hamam (Turkish bath).

Accessories – Ladies shouldn’t forget a scarf or a shawl as you will be asked to cover your head in mosques. Apart from that, you will just need a trendy bag and a chic pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat in order to save yourself from the sun.

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