What to Wear in Istanbul in November

Posted on Sep 21 2013 - 5:21am by Tyler Coleman

Istanbul is a city that has witnessed the transformation from the cradle of civilization to becoming the epicenter of the modern world; all the while maintaining its authenticity. So, it is obvious you must pay it a visit, too and November is a perfect month for doing the same as you will be greeted with more than just pleasant temperatures and retreating tourists. The only thing you need to know is what to wear in Istanbul in November so that you don’t land on the wrong foot with the weather or your hosts.

What to Wear in Istanbul in November

Weather of Istanbul in November

Istanbul is a vast city and has varied climate patterns but most of its weather patterns are affected by the Mediterranean Sea with hot summers and cold winters, but as you are visiting the city in November, you will be greeted by excellent and pleasant weather conditions. You will find crisp and clear days during this season but the possibility of rain is always present. November sees the highest temperatures to be around 15 degrees while the average lows can be around 8 degrees Celsius. The second half of November sees a further dip in mercury and the weather starts to get chillier as winter approaches.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Istanbul in November?

The residents of Istanbul have a smart/casual taste in the way they dress and if you don’t want to appear as a sloppy tourist, here are some suggestions for you:

Women – Neither is the weather nor is the city fit for shorts, so save them for the beach only. November sees quite a variation in its temperatures, so on some days you will be fine in cotton blouses and trousers but on other days you will need jackets and jeans, so packing in layers would be your best bet. You can go for warm leggings and tunics or three-fourth pants with full-sleeve tops and light jackets. A scarf or a shawl would be required for visiting mosques.

Men – You can go for jeans and t-shirts, and in case it gets cold, cover yourself up with a jacket. Turkish men usually don’t wear shorts unless they are off to beach, so save your shorts for the beach. You will just need full-length trousers or jeans in dark hues and collared shirts for most part of the city. You can go for polo shirts, too! A jacket will also be required, so you can go for a leather one or a windbreaker.

Kids – Pack in layers for the kids, like jeans and full-sleeve t-shirts along with light jackets. You can go for tunics and leggings too that can be worn with shrugs or jackets.

Footwear – Broken-in shoes would be your option as you will have to walk a lot, so carry flat ballets, loafers, or trainers. The cobbled streets of the city make it a little difficult to walk on heels.

Accessories – Pack sunscreen, sunglasses a wide hat to save yourself from the sun. You can keep earplugs too, if you don’t want to be woken up by the morning prayers.

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