What to Wear in Istanbul in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 5:01am by Tyler Coleman
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The largest city of Turkey, Istanbul is located on the northwestern coast of Turkey and is full of sightseeing opportunities. January is one of the coldest months here, but you can always escape the cold by popping into the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum which is full of beautiful pieces of carpets, calligraphy pieces and Istanbul’s history. Besides, you just cannot visit Istanbul without discovering the flavors of sheesha pipes which are available at almost every café here. Before you plan your itinerary, make sure you have packed properly because the weather is quite changeable. Take a look at what to wear in Istanbul in January.

What to Wear in Istanbul in January

Weather of Istanbul in January

Istanbul enjoys a varied climate and winters can be snowy here. January is one of the coldest months in Istanbul with temperatures reaching up to 8 degrees Celsius by day and dropping down to 3 degrees Celsius by evenings. The chances of rainfall are quite high, so it is better to take proper precautions beforehand. The average amount of sunshine is 5 hours per day.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Istanbul in January?

You can pretty much wear whatever you want to but how you dress up determines your first impression on locals and how you will be received. So the bottom line is, pack comfortable and warm clothes which don’t offend the locals. Here are some packing suggestions:

Women – Bring skinny jeans in dark shades like black and blue and pair them with cute printed t-shirts and full-sleeved tops. Wear a sweater or jacket over it.  That’s pretty much it- perfectly casual and smart. You can also opt for warm tunics and slacks preferably black or grey. It would be best to layer your look so do pack heavy and light sweaters and jackets. Also it gets chillier during evenings and you might need a coat during such time so make sure you pack an overcoat too. A light one will do as you can layer it with a jacket or cardigan underneath.

Men – Don’t wear baggy jeans because men generally tend to dress smart here in proper jeans and trousers. You can go for warm shirts and trousers along with leather jackets and pullovers. T-shirts, jeans and leather jackets are fine for daytime and pretty casual too. To aim for the formal look, you can opt for a button-down shirt, a warm pair of trousers along with a Chesterfield jacket or a blazer. Also pack a trench or an overcoat as chances of rainfall are pretty high.

Kids – Kids can go for warm shirts and blouses along with slacks and jeans. Also pack woolen or fleece sweaters or jackets and coats.

Footwear – Make sure you pack at least one pair of comfortable and broken-in shoes. Sturdy boots would be best for winters as sidewalks get wet and icy during winters.

Accessories – A warm scarf or a shawl will be required to cover up when the weather gets cold or while visiting mosques. Also toss in a pair of sunglasses and a good sunscreen!