What to Wear in Istanbul in February

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:18am by Tyler Coleman
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Istanbul is the largest and most populated city found in Turkey. In 2012 Istanbul was named one of the top five tourist destinations in the world. This city is well known for its historical building and sites, that have drawn tourists from all over the planet. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul in February it is important that you know a little about the weather conditions. The climate in Istanbul during February can changed drastically and you may experience some rainfall.

What to Wear in Istanbul in February

Weather of Istanbul in February

Although weather conditions are beginning to rise in February, it is still rather cold around this time. Istanbul is known for its cold, wet winters that last through February and March. When it comes to packing for Istanbul it is important to pack plenty of warm, water resistant clothing. Though very unlikely there is about a 20% chance that it will snow in Istanbul around this time as well. The following clothing options are a great template to use, when packing for a trip to Istanbul in February:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Istanbul in February?

Women: It is highly recommended that women bring plenty of pants and denim jeans to Istanbul during this time. February is not the time for skirts, or short dresses, as the cold climate can be somewhat unbearable. Women should opt for darker colored clothing that will help insulate the heat and keep them warmer during the day time. Also, a sweater, pullover or wool jacket is good for the daytime as well. For the nighttime, a evening gown may be appropriate so long as you bring a heavy trenchcoat or overcoat with you.

Men: Fellas should avoid shorts and T-shirts at all cost! Though Istanbul is known for its “mild winters”, the average highs are around 47 degrees. The best outfits for a man to bring with him are all long sleeve shirts, dress shirts and sweaters. Cardigans and pullovers make great options for the day time. These sweaters can be worn with chinos or denim jeans to complete the ensemble. For the nighttime a dress shirts should be accompanied by a leather jacket or pea coat, as the temperature can drop to around 38 degrees.

Kids: It is important to keep children bundled up during the day and nighttime. With the extreme temperature changes in this climate, it is very easy for young children to get sick. One great option for children is a heavy coat or jacket. This jacket can be worn in the daytime or at night. Sweaters, pullovers and long sleeves are a necessity and young girls can wear leggings in the daytime. At nighttime it is important that they young kids have their heavy coats with them as the drop in temperature can be rather drastic. A pair of dark denim pants or jeans is perfect for night time excursions through Istanbul.

Footwear: As stated above, the chance of it raining and snowing are low, but it is important to be prepared for it. Istanbul in February averages about 6 days or rain and 3 days of snow. The best footwear to bring along on this trip is boots(just in case of adverse weather conditions). For men standard boots will work just fine and for ladies UGG boots can be a great option. In most cases trainers, tennis shoes and dress shoes will work just fine.

Accessories: A great accessory to bring to Istanbul is an umbrella. Though it may not rain, being caught in the cold and rain is a very unpleasant experience.