What to Wear in Hong Kong

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 6:57am by Tyler Coleman
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Once an international beacon for the Far East, Hong Kong is getting hotter than ever and a destination that is attracting a number of tourists yearly. To stay chic in such a city, you just need to know what to wear in Hong Kong.

What to Wear in Hong Kong

Weather of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate distinguished by four different seasons – warm & humid spring, rainy but hot summer, cool & dry winter, and sunny & pleasant autumn. On the whole, it distinguishable seasons mean it is a year-round destination.

Spring – The springtime from March to mid-May tends to be hot and humid which is further accompanied by fog and drizzles. The average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees. It turns a little colder at night.

Summer – Summer from late May to mid-September is extremely hot and humid, with frequently-occurring thunderstorms and occasional typhoons. The average temperature is 28 degrees which cross 30s most of the times.

Autumn – Autumn from late September to end of November is cool, dry with plenty of sunshine. It is, in fact, comfortable enough to walk along the Victoria Bay or go on an excursion to Lamma Islands.

Winter – Winter from December to February is usually dry and cool, having an average temperature of 17 degree Celsius. However, it is very changeable; as the cold front comes, it drops down to 10 degrees and sometimes even below freezing. As soon as it clears, it rises to 20 again.

However, it also experiences a typhoon season in September (majorly). From May to November, it becomes a victim of tropical cyclones of varying strengths and occasional squally thunderstorms.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city which blends the fashion tastes of Asia and Europe. People here dress with modesty and sophistication. So, you must keep that in mind before you start packing. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Summer would require a lot of cotton tops and blouses, which can be paired with skirts and shorts. You can go for linen clothes, too, such as cropped pants and half-sleeve T-shirts. With a slight temperature drop, you will require a lightweight jacket or a thin overcoat. During summers, you will notice that women here dress up in a more feminine manner than most of the cities. So, following their lead, you can go for sundresses and tunics that can be paired with cardigans and shrugs (in autumn or winter time) and a sophisticated piece of jewellery. During winter season, the temperatures can even fall below zero, so you will need overcoats and doufflecots and heavy sweaters and jackets that can be layered. Nighttime would require cocktail dresses.

Men – You can dress fairly casual during daytime, such as shorts and T-shirts in summer. You can also go for linen cropped pants or cotton ones and team them up with semi-formal shirts or polo-neck T-shirts. Chinos paired with collared shirts are not just trendy but comfortable, too. For colder days, you can layer your outfits with a casual, but fitted jacket. Winters would require heavy coats and woolen sweaters. For formal purposes and occasions, you will need a collared and button-down shirts and formal pants. Most of the men here go for suits. You can just go for a tie along with shirts and pants and a blazer if suit is too much for you.

Kids – Kids can pretty much go for anything as long as it is in sync with the weather. Floral skirts and shorts paired with half-sleeve tops or straps will look very cute on girls, while boys can go for Capris or shorts along with polo-neck T-shirts. Rompers would work on both, and if the temperature sees a little dip, you can layer it with a casual jacket and slacks for girls. Winters would require heavy jackets and sweaters.

Footwear – People here are very particular about shoes, so make sure whatever you wear isn’t just comfortable, but clean and in good condition, too. Stay away from quirky or shabby ones. You can go for flats and espadrilles or sneakers during daytime. Nights would require dress shoes like ankle booties or heels and suede or leather for men.

Accessories – Keep it minimal with sunglasses and a bag. Carry an umbrella, too.