What to Wear in Hong Kong in September

Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 7:50am by Tyler Coleman

September is a great month to visit Hong Kong as the city is bustling with the preparations of mid-autumn festival which is the biggest around here except the Chinese New Year. So, apart from the usual tourist attractions, you can be a part of feasts, parades, and all manner of celebrations. So, make sure you are packed aptly so that you aren’t snubbed as a tourist. For that, you will need to know what to wear in Hong Kong in September!

What to Wear in Hong Kong in September

Weather of Hong Kong in September

September sees the advent of autumn in the city. There are cool breezes, plenty of sunshine, and comfortable temperatures. Though it is still hot and humid, September marks the end of scorching and aching summer months. The perpetually blue skies provide a break from monsoon and contribute towards the pleasant weather. The average highs are 30 degrees Celsius while the lows are 25 degrees Celsius. However, sea still remains warm and reaches a pleasant temperature of 28 degrees making it a perfect time to hit the beaches. Even humidity starts to decrease during September, so you can enjoy more outdoor activities. Just look out for typhoons before stepping out as this is also typhoon season.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Hong Kong in September?

Hong Kong doesn’t really care for what you are wearing unless it is totally crazy. The rule is to go for smart casual so that you can fit in almost everywhere. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Summer has just passed but you can still find traces of hot and humid weather in the city, so go for clothes with breathable fabrics. Shorts and T-shirts are okay for September but only if you plan on staying outdoors. Hong Kong is famous for its AC malls and buses, so do carry a light jacket and jeans or full pants so that you can cover up when it gets cold. You can go for sleeveless tops, blouses, and light cotton pants along with a light jacket.

Men – You can go perfectly casual into the city with shorts and T-shirts, but make sure you carry only collared or polo t-shirts as men here don’t wear collarless t-shirts. Many restaurants insist that you wear formals along with a jacket and a tie, so do carry long pants, a collared button-down shirt, and a light jacket or a blazer.

Kids – You can pack shorts and skirts that can be worn with t-shirts and full-sleeve blouses and shirts. You can also carry jumpsuits and layer them with light jackets when in a colder environment.

Footwear – You should go for comfy shoes like sandals that make strolling about more pleasant or you can go for breathable walking shoes if you plan to get more outdoorsy. Loafers and platforms can also be packed while keep flip-flops for the beach.

Accessories – Carry refillable water bottles and a sunscreen with good SPF. Don’t forget a chic pair of sunglasses and a tote (women) or messenger bag (men) to carry your stuff around.

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