What to Wear in Hong Kong in May

Posted on May 5 2014 - 8:29am by Tyler Coleman
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Hong Kong is an well known tourist location that attract millions of people to it borders every year. For those that have never been to Hong Kong it is a great place to visit as it has a variety of clubs, venues and attractions for its visitors. One of the best times to come to Hong Kong is during the Spring time. The Spring time has some of the most comfortable weather conditions of the year. More specifically, the month of May would be the best time for you to come visit Hong Kong.

What to Wear in Hong Kong in May

What to Wear in Hong Kong in May

Hong Kong may seem trick to pack for because of its humid subtropical climate that has a heavy rainy season. The average temperature for Hong Kong in May is between 21 degrees Celsius and 27 Degrees Celsius. This is warmer than the averages found around the world. However, the night time winds can be rather cool, so it is important that you have a variety of different clothes packed. These clothes will come in handy when you face potential adverse weather conditions in Hong Kong. Remember that May is on the tail end of the rainy season, so you may experience some rainfall.

Women what to wear

Women should bring mostly warm, summer type clothing when visiting Hong Kong in May. The climate of Hong Kong is rather humid making it very hard to wear denims and heavy linen clothing. It would be best for women to bring loose, breathing fabrics such as cotton shirts and sweaters to Hong Kong. Since it will be so warm it would be best to leave your darker colored clothing at home and still mostly to bright, vibrant colors. A nice skirt and a comfortable top will work great for most women. Also a nice pair of shorts and a tank top is great to wear during those humid days. During the evenings and at night, a simple jacket will suffice.


Keeping in mind the weather conditions of the city, men should opt for comfortable clothes that are made from light fabrics. One great outfit idea for traveling around the city is a simple white V neck shirt with a pair of cargo shorts. These shorts are incredibly comfortable and allow your legs to breathe in the heat of the day time. If it begins to rain a simple light jacket or sweater with a hoodie will suffice. Men may also want to bring a few changes of both short as well as long sleeve dress shirts to wear during the evening time. These options go great with both dress pants as well as jeans.


Kids will want to dress as comfortable as possible in the humid heat of Hong Kong. The best option for young boys would be a nice short sleeve shirt with a nice pair of pants. For girls a nice henley shirt with a skirt or a nice pair of capris works incredibly well. With children it is very easy to dress them for this type of weather as there are so many options that you can make with shorts, pants, skirts and shirts.


The best footwear options for a trip to Hong Kong would be a nice pair of sneaker, dress shoes and sandals. The sneakers go great with just about any outfit that you wear during the daytime. They are comfortable and come in a variety of different colors. Dress shoes and heels are perfect for going out at night to a bar, nightclub or local venue. Sandals are great for the whole family and can give you a more comfortable alternative to the traditional sneaker.