What to Wear in Hong Kong in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 4:00am by Tyler Coleman

The best part about Hong Kong’s January is the low amount of rainfall it witnesses and the low humidity too. Apart from the low temperatures, there isn’t anything not to like in the city, and low temperatures can be tackled with proper packing and winter gear. So, before you state packing, know what to wear in Hong Kong in January.

What to Wear in Hong Kong in January

Weather of Hong Kong in January

January is winter time in Hong Kong which means you will see dry and chilly weather. Though winters can be mild here but January being the coldest month of the year sees rather lower temperatures. You might spot people wrapped up like snowmen but that’s how locals are here; the average daytime temperatures are around 15 degrees Celsius and the lows can be around 0 degree Celsius. Snow and frost are also not very frequent phenomenon. The best part about this month is that it is the last rainfall month and witnesses only rare showers on an average of 4 days. So you can easily say that it is a rain-free month and more importantly humidity free.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Hong Kong in January?

The winters are not very harsh in Hong Kong as in other parts of china but you will still have to pack heavily. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Colors rule Hong Kong during winters. The days are pretty mild but it is the evenings that make you get in the warmest of coats. You can go for warm shirts and t-shirts along with dark slacks (preferably black). Jeans and jackets can be spotted everywhere during the day. Ladies also go for tunics and warm leggings along with cardigans and jackets. For evenings and night you can take a heavier jacket or a light overcoat.

Men – Men here generally go for jeans and sweaters. Yu can also go for the same or pack warm shirts and trousers and wear them with cardigans and jackets. Hoodies and sweatshirts with jeans can also be worn. A leather jacket or a blazer might be required for evenings. You can also pack a lightweight overcoat for evenings and nights. As for formals, stick to button-down shirts and warm trousers along with a blazer.

Kids – Pack warm and heavy clothes for kids like warm t-shirts and shirts with sweaters. Jeans and sweaters would be best options for kids. Girls can go for skirts paired with warm slacks and leggings. Woolen sweaters and leather jackets will also be good. For evenings you can layer their outfits with light and heavy jackets or a heavy jacket can be worn inside a light overcoat.

Footwear – Everywhere you see, you will boots and the turn around to see more boots. People generally stick to warm boots in every possible style from ankle booties to knee-high boots. Trainers and sneaker can also be worn with woolen socks.

Accessories – Carry woolen and cashmere scarves along with a chic pair of sunglasses and a nice bag too.

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