What to Wear in Hong Kong in February

Posted on Nov 23 2013 - 5:07am by Tyler Coleman
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February is the perfect time to visit Hong Kong. It’s not just the clear blue skies and the cool weather you are likely to love, but the whole party atmosphere of the city, too. The biggest event of the calendar, i.e., Chinese New Year sees the whole city take wear its party hats. The last day of Chinese New Year also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day sees thousands of lanterns strung up across the sky. And if this isn’t enough for you, the Spring Lantern Festival is worth exploring. To make the best of your trip, make sure you have packed everything from accessories to clothes. Take a look at what to wear in Hong Kong in February.

What to Wear in Hong Kong in February

Weather of Hong Kong in February

Unless you live in sub-Saharan Africa, the temperature of Hong Kong during February can hardly be described as wintery. In fact, it is quite like January weather – cool and mild. The average temperature for this month is around 15 degrees Celsius which can drop down to 13 degrees by evenings. Anything below 10 degrees is strictly a cold snap during this month. Snow and frost during February are never heard of. There is scanty rainfall making it a perfect time to hit the outdoors.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Hong Kong in February?

Hong Kong in February is no different than former month and you will still need a lot of winter gear. Here are some packing suggestions:

Women – Pack lots of woolen and fleece items with you. Daytime temperatures are quite moderate you can do well with just a pair of sweatshirt and jeans but evenings tend to get colder. Pack full-sleeve warm shirts or t-shirts which can be layered with lightweight cardigans and heavy jackets. Generally, in February, you can do well with light overcoats or maybe just stick to woolen sweaters and cardigans. Warm slacks hoodies can also be packed.

Men – Hoodies and jeans are fine for the daytime but you will need more after the sun goes down. Warm shirts and t-shirts can be packed along with warm trousers and lined blazers or coats. You can layer lightweight jackets with heavier jackets or chesterfield coats too. Warm slacks will also be good for casual wear. A thin and light overcoat will suffice for evenings. You can also go for a blazer.

Kids – Jeans or denims along with warm shirts and t-shirts can be packed. Thermals can be packed depending upon the intensity of cold. For outer wear, you can go for woolen sweaters and jackets. Jeans and sweatshirts will also do. You can layer lightweight sweaters or jackets with heavier ones.

Footwear – You will need comfy shoes like sneakers and trainers with warm and woolens socks. Boots can be packed. There are plenty of styles to go for.

Accessories – Remember to pack long and woolen scarves, gloves and socks because you will need them while stepping out. Also carry hats or woolen hats that cover your ears.