What to Wear in Hong Kong in December

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 2:54am by Tyler Coleman

Early winter is a great time to visit Hong Kong as the city gears up for Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve. You better go prepared so that you don’t feel under- or overdressed later on, and for that you will need to know what to wear in Hong Kong in December.

What to Wear in Hong Kong in December

Weather of Hong Kong in December

December sees mercury dropping as autumn starts to fade, making way for winters. So, by middle of December, temperatures have already dropped below usual and before you realize it, winters have already set foot in the city. The weather is generally dry and cool with an average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius which drops further as December passes. The winters are colder in comparison to other neighboring cities but nevertheless mild. Snow is never even heard to occur in Hong Kong and frost only occurs once or twice a year. The days are generally crisp and clear, which make December a viable month to visit Hong Kong.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Hong Kong in December?

One thing that you will notice is that people here wrap themselves with thick layers of clothes even when they have very mild winters. If you do happen to spot such people here, it is best you ignore them as winters aren’t very cold here and you will not need such thick layers that make you look like a polar bear. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You can get whimsical with your fashion choices and go for tunics with warm leggings, jeans with full-sleeve blouses or tops. Dresses will of course be required but don’t forget a fur coat to wear over them. The winter isn’t that harsh that you will need coats, but Hong Kong does have frigid air-conditioning, so it’s better to be prepared. Most of the women here do carry scarves and wooly, so make sure you carry yours, too. Cardigans and padded jackets will also be required.

Men – You will notice that a lot of men in Hong Kong tend to go for jeans, dark-colored trousers along with trainers. If you are looking for something hip or Tokyo like, do visit some stores like Sogo and Shops of Causeway Bay; they have exactly what you need. The fashion here is mostly inspired by America and Europe and you can do well with a plain hoodie and jeans, too. That doesn’t mean guys don’t wear coats here; they do, but only on formal occasions.

Kids – Kids will wear pretty much the same stuff like jeans and full-sleeve shirts and T-shirts layered with jackets and hoodies. You can go for fur coats, too, or blazers if you want.

Footwear – Girls here go big on Nike, Adidas or ballet flats. So you have plenty of options to choose from. Save your heels for night outs only! Men can go for sneakers or trainers along with cotton socks. Pack a pair of leather shoes for formal purposes.

Accessories – The most common accessory that almost everyone carries here is an iPhone, so it’s better if you too have one as it is more of a status symbol. Girls do carry faux leather handbags, shoulder bags and plastic-rimmed glasses. You can go for sunglasses, if you wish.

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