What to Wear in Hong Kong in April

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 3:39am by Tyler Coleman
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Hong Kong is a great travel destination for those looking for a bit of change, fun and relaxation. Hong Kong offers you a variety of things to do and see, while visiting this country. This city has one of the largest populations in the world. This city has everything that you could think of from live music, and entertainment to architecture and beautiful landscapes. Hong Kong has always been concerned an alpha plus and a world city. Hong Kong is one of the highest ranked cities in the world including: quality of life, economic strength and power of the currency.

What to Wear in Hong Kong in April

Temperature in Hong Kong in April

The temperature in Hong Kong during the month of April is very odd and has rising temperatures found during the Spring time. With the month of April carries changes in the wind patterns, an increase in temperature as well as an increase in rainfall during this month. On average the weather is very much in a constant state of flux. One day the temperature may be incredibly warm the very next day it could be incredibly cool. The average highs of Hong Kong in April are around 28 degrees Celsius and has lows of about 22 degrees celsius.

What to Wear and how to Pack for Hong Kong in April

When it comes to packing for a trip to Hong Kong in April, it is important to be aware of the severe weather changes in this city. Packing for this voyage to Hong Kong requires that you bring a variety of different clothing for the trip. You will want to bring a few different options of typical spring and winter clothing for this trip. It is also important that you bring accessories that will protect you from the inconsistent rainfall that occur.

Women: what to wear

Knowing that April has very odd weather you want to pack for this temperature. Women should bring a few changes in short sleeve shirts that will allow them to stay comfortable during the warm days. These shirts should be made from cotton, and soft materials that breathe incredibly well. You should bring a variety of V-necks, Crew Necks and Tank Tops. A woman should also bring a some options of long sleeve shirts as well. These shirts will be perfect during the cooler times as well as the rainy days of April. Depending on the day you should choose to wear either jeans or shorts.

During the evening times the weather will not fall to drastically meaning that you can wear similar clothing to what was worn during the day time. The biggest changes to your clothing would be the addition of a nice light jacket with a hood. This hooded jacket will offer you protection from any potential nightly rainfall and cooler temperatures. If you plan on going out during the evening time, then a nice evening dress would be the perfect option for you. It can be worn with a cardigan to keep warm.

Men :what to wear

Men should wear clothes that are both comfortable as well as easy  to be changed. One great option is a nice sweat suit that can be taken off and interchanged with other articles of clothing. The sweat suit can be worn during the daytime while it is raining to keep you warm. However, during the warmer days you can take the sweatshirt off and put on a nice V neck shirt. You could even take the sweat pants off and put on a nice pair of jean shorts or cargo versions. Jeans should be brought along with you for more options during the day and night time.

During the evening time a nice pair of jeans can be paired with a nice button down shirt. This shirt can have its sleeves rolled up if it gets a bit warm during the night time. The dress shirt can be worn with a white T shirt underneath it or buttoned up with a nice tie. When it gets cool it is good to have a nice blazer or jacket along with you. Blazers work incredibly well with long sleeve button shirts and can be taken off once you have entered a venue.

Kids: hat to wear

Kids should dress similar to both men as well as women, and have a variety of different clothes to wear. Since the weather of Hong Kong is very inconsistent kids should bring short sleeve and long sleeve shirts as well as pants. A great option for children when it is cold is to wear layers of clothing. This includes: jeans, long sleeve shirts(sweaters) as well as jackets. During the warmer times of this month it is a good idea for children to wear comfortable cool clothing. Shorts and capris are the best two options for girls, along with a nice T shirt. During the evening times these two options should be swapped out for jeans to keep themselves warm.

Footwear: What to Wear

The best footwear to bring along with you on this trip is a nice pair of trainers or running shoes. There are a variety of well known brands that offer you these types of shoes. Adidas, Nike and Chuck Taylors are all great options for you to bring along with this trip. Sandals work incredibly well, especially during the warmer days of the month. These can be worn with shorts to stay cool. Finally dress shoes for men, women and kids should be brought along in case there are any plans of going out during the evening to an upscale event.

Accessories: What to Wear

The best accessories for you to bring on a trip to Hong Kong in April, is a nice umbrella, gloves and a hat. The umbrella is perfect for those rainy days that are sure to come while visiting Hong Kong in April. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the rainfalls very inconsistently, one moment it may be raining the next, sunshine and clear skies. Gloves are great options for both the rainy days and cool nights of Hong Kong. Getting caught up in the rain can be incredibly uncomfortable without having gloves. Finally a hat is great for keeping your head warm or shading your eyes from the rays of the sun. The great thing about hats is they can be customized to match your outfits.

Hong Kong April Events

Hong Kong in April has a variety of events available to you. One of the best events to check out would be the Writer’s Block. Writer’s Block is a one act plays that takes a look at infidelity within relationships from an absurd manner. Created by icon Woody Allen, one of the plays takes place in Manhattan and the other in Connecticut.