What to Wear in Guangzhou

Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 3:59am by Tyler Coleman

Though not a very popular tourist destination in China relative to other more-known cities, Guangzhou is a beautiful city. Actually, it is a city on the Zhu Jiang delta in southern China; the capital of Guangdong province and a major deep-water port. A trip to this city is must for every nature lover. But, before you do, you must know about its weather and what to wear in Guangzhou, so that you come prepared.

What to Wear in Guangzhou

Weather of Guangzhou

Guangzhou lies in subtropical zone with plenty of rainfall and sunshine and all the four seasons are clearly marked here. Its humid subtropical climate is marked with warm winters, hot and scorching summers, little snow and plenty of rainfall. It has an average temperature of 21 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius, which makes it a good travel destination.

Spring – March to May is spring season in this city. Temperature does rise gradually during spring, but sudden drizzles also catch you by surprise. The Spring China Import and Export (Canton Fair) is also organized during summer.

Summer – June to early October is summer in the city. Summers here are long, scorching, and hot. July and August are the hottest months and temperature crosses 30s during this time. You should also be prepared for rain along with occasional typhoons and frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

Autumn – The temperature during October and November is cool marking the beginning of autumn season. It is a short season with sunny days and relatively lower temperatures and little rain. This is an ideal time to visit this city.

Winter – December to February is winter season in the city which is also a short season along with a moderate, cool, and dry weather. The average low is 9 degrees while high is 18 degrees Celsius. Unlike other cities in North China, Guangzhou is a sea of flowers during winter months.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Guangzhou?

China locals often dress quite informally and follow the smart casual rules. A simple suit or day dress is considered appropriate for meeting and dinners. There are no rules on leisure wear, too, but you should also dress according to the weather. Here are some suggestions:

Women – There is no hard and fast dressing rule here but low-cut and sleeveless tops might make you a centre of fascination, if not objection. So, even though the weather is hot, you should stick to half-sleeve cotton tops; sleeveless are fine, but make sure they are not too low-cut. Linen trousers and khaki pants or knee-length shorts will also do. Skirts and shirts are ideal summer wear here. For spring and autumn season, you might need full pants or jeans along with a sweater. Sometimes you might not need the sweater, but a long-sleeve blouse or top along with jeans will still be required. Winters are also not too cold, so a few woolen sweaters, a cardigan and sometimes a coat will do just about fine along with full pants and jeans.

Men – As just said, there is no particular dress code in the city. You can do well with half- sleeve t-shirts and Bermuda shorts during summers. Linen pants or khaki trousers paired with half-sleeve cotton shirts can be perfect summer attire. For spring and autumn season, just carry full-sleeve shirts along with a pair of jeans or trousers and a casual jacket. Winters will only require a heavier jacket, woolen sweaters, and in extreme cases, a coat.

Kids – Keep weather in mind while packing for kids. Summers are hot and scorching, so pack clothes that let your kids keep cool. Cotton and linen are the ideal fabrics during such weather. Sleeveless tops and t-shirts along with shorts and skirts will do just fine. You can go for linen trousers, too, or cotton jumpsuits or rompers. For cooler days, carry a light jacket or a sweater. As the temperature decreases, just increase the thickness of these sweaters, i.e., pack heavyweight sweaters for winters.

Footwear – Comfortable and durable footwear is must for this city. As it rains quite frequently, the sidewalks become sloppy, so you will need shoes that provide good resistance and grip; sneakers are fine for that. You can go for open-toe shoes or flats. Flip-flops will also do.

Accessories – The city witnesses rains quite frequently, so a good raincoat or an umbrella is must. It also has high sun exposure, so hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses are highly recommended.

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