What to Wear in Goa in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 6:33am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Goa is located within the country of India. This city is known as India’s richest populated area and provides many tourists with an interesting look at Indian culture. This city is also known for it immensely beautiful beaches, beautiful sanctuaries of worship, as well as awesome architecture. For those interested in visiting Goa, it is important to understand that this area is considered a tropical monsoon climate. Goa experiences every type of weather condition you can imagine and is known for its rainy season. If you are considering going to Goa, there are a few things you should bring with you.

What to Wear in Goa in January

Weather of Goa in January

Packing for a destination is based entirely on the type of year you plan on going to said destination. If you plan on traveling to Goa in January you should be aware of the weather conditions of this time. In January Goa’s highs reach about 36 degrees Celsius and have lows of about 20 degrees Celsius. This drastic change in weather can be incredibly difficult to prepare for, but it is possible. By bringing a large variety of clothing you should be able to prepare for anything. When it comes to considering what to wear in Goa in January, you should always pack for a few extra days stay.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Goa in January?

Women’s Clothes: Women should be able to bring a large assortment of clothing that include dresses, skirts and shorts. Since Goa stays relatively warm it is a good idea for women to bring some shorts(either cargoes or jeans). This will help keep your legs cool during the daytime. Also a woman can bring a variety of different options for tops, but the best option is a nice short sleeve shirt. Goa is a relatively casual town so you can wear a short sleeve dress shirt with a nice pair of shorts. At night the weather drops a little bit, so a nice pair of comfortable jeans or a dress is a great option.

Men’s Clothes: Men should follow suit and bring a large assortment of clothing that will be appropriate for their stay in Goa. Men should bring some shorts that will be comfortable during the daytime. Pants can also be worn in the daytime, especially with a nice short sleeve shirt or long sleeve shirt. At nighttime, a man can wear a nice blazer with a dress shirt underneath it, as well as a nice pair of pants. Instead of a blazer a man can wear a light jacket as well.

Kids Clothes: Kids Clothing should include shorts and short sleeved clothing. Young children should pack light colorful clothing that is comfortable. Jean shorts or cargo shorts are the best option for them, as it will allow them to play and enjoy the weather. Young girls can wear skirts in place of shorts if they choose to. At night jeans are the best option as the weather can become cooler. Sweaters and a light jacket should also be brought along.

Footwear: A wide variety of shoes should be brought on a trip to Goa. Since Goa does not have a rainy season until the summertime, a family doesn’t have to worry about getting their shoes wet. Footwear choices should include: tennis shoes, runners, boots, heels and sandals. During the daytime a person should wear some comfortable tennis shoes or runners to walk around. Also sandals can be worn for more comfort. Heels, dress shoes and boots should be worn at night.

Accessories: The best accessory to bring to Goa is a nice hat. Hats for the entirely family would be a great option.