What to Wear in Florida in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 6:29am by Tyler Coleman

The beautiful city of Florida is a very well known city for its beautiful beaches and awesome tourist location spots. This city is an incredibly popular tourist attraction with great nightclubs, beaches, food spots and museums. Just about anything that a person wants to do can be done here in Florida. Florida has two major cities that are known for its great attractions. Both Orlando as well as Miami provide visitors with an plethora of sites to see and things to do. Traveling to Florida requires you to pack correctly for the destination.

What to Wear in Florida in January

Weather of Florida in January

Florida is known for its warm weather and cool sandy beaches. During the month of January the temperature is still at a very low level. This is one of the cooler months in the year. Florida has average highs of about 22 degrees Celsius and about 9 degrees Celsius. With these very low temperature it is going to be a cold visit to Florida, during the month of January. During the month of January, rainfall averages about 2 inches. This is also one of the driest months of the year, but when visiting Florida you should expect rainfall.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Florida in January?

Women Wear: Women considering what to wear in Florida in January, should be prepared for the cold. Women should bring clothes that are designed for the winter time. It is a good idea to bring clothes that are designed with heavy fabrics and cloths. A woolen coat is an awesome option for nighttime wear. This can be worn with a dress or any other night wear that a woman decides to put on. A sweater is a great option for the day time as the day temperatures rise up, but only slightly. A woman should bring a variety of different sweater options as well as nice options for bottoms. Pants, jeans and denims are a great options for those visiting Florida in January.

Men Wear: Men can wear a vice neck sweater with some very comfortable chinos for a great outfit combination, that will keep you warm. Men can even wear a cardigan with a short sleeve dress shirt for a casual, but fashionable look. For bottoms men can wear shorts in the daytime, but it is advised to wear jeans and chinos. These will help keep you warm and comfortable while traveling around Florida in the daytime. At nighttime a man can wear slacks and a nice pullover or dress shirt with a overcoat.

Kids Wear: The best options for kids clothing will revolve around warm clothing that is incredibly comfortable. Kids should adorn cotton clothing as it breathes, yet keeps kids incredibly warm. A cotton t shirt as well as a nice pair of pants works great for children. Kids should always wear a jacket while in Florida, as they can catch a cold. During the nighttime a nice heavy overcoat with a long sleeve sweaters. Denim jeans also keep a young child’s leg warm during the cold night air.

Footwear: There are a large variety of different great options for shoewear. While in Florida a great options to wear is a nice pair of dress shoes for the night time. If you plan on going to nightclubs at night a nice pair of dress shoes and heels for women. In the daytime, tennis shoes and sandals are two great options for walking around Florida.

Accessories: The best accessories to bring to florida is a nice pair of sunglasses during the day time. Though it is not the rainy season it is also a great idea to bring umbrellas.

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