What to Wear in Dubai in September

Posted on Sep 21 2013 - 5:30am by Tyler Coleman

There is so much to explore in Dubai than just sun, sea and surf. The hot and dry desert is one of the top reasons why this middle-eastern resort is seeing a rise in tourism. In fact, Dubai is the 8th most visited city in the world. The city is full of skyscrapers, swimming pools, and golf courses – all rising out from a desert. What’s not to like about this city! September, being an autumn month, sees relatively lesser temperatures and is a good time to visit the city, but as it is middle-eastern city, you must know what to wear in Dubai in September.

What to Wear in Dubai in September

Weather of Dubai in September

Dubai is literally a hotspot even in September. You might not have to face the scorching heat of summer months, but the temperatures are still quite high in September. With highs of 38 degrees and lows of 27 degrees Celsius, Dubai still makes you sweat, not as much as July and August do! Just like summer months, there is hardly any rainfall and humidity also begins to subside, so you do not have to worry about feeling damp or uncomfortable.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Dubai in September?

Packing for Dubai could be a little challenging as you have to pack for a desert and at the same time keep the Islamic traditions in mind. Dubai is, however, more liberal than other emirates but it is still an Islamic state, and a little modesty and respect for your hosts will help you a great deal. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Hotpants, shorts and vest or tank-tops will be all cool on the beach, but not outside. If you have to walk to/from the beach, take knee-length shorts and t-shirts that cover your shoulders. Keep modesty in mind while packing for Dubai. Dresses can be packed for nightclubs and restaurants, but for other purposes you can go for cotton and linen trousers or knee-length shorts and half-sleeve shirts and blouses. Carry a pashmina as it will help you cover in malls and other places.

Men – As just mentioned, maintain decency while packing for the city. Shorts and vests for the beach only; for other purposes, like sightseeing and shopping, you can opt for knee-length cotton or Bermuda short and team up with half-sleeve t-shirts. You can also go for cotton or linen trousers and full-sleeve cotton shirts for a slightly formal look.

Kids – Keeping the weather in mind is more important while you are packing for your kids. You can pack sundresses, skirts and shorts for girls along with cotton shirts, tops and blouses. Boys can go for t-shirts and shorts.

Footwear – You can pack flip-flops for the beach, but don’t wear them anywhere else. For other purposes, opt for comfy shoes like flat ballets, sneakers or loafers.

Accessories – A wide hat and a sunscreen with good SPF is a must-have in Dubai. Apart from them, pack your sunglasses, a scarf and a nice handbag to carry your stuff around. Also carry a refillable water bottle while stepping out of your hotel.

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