What to Wear in Dubai in November

Posted on Sep 24 2013 - 2:28pm by Tyler Coleman

Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the UAE and is the most popular one amongst them all due to its modern outlook and westernized style. It is one of the most visited tourist destination in the Middle East. While you are expected to respect the Arabic culture, Dubai is tolerable to other religions, too, and welcomes non-Muslim tourists with equal warmth, but as it is an Islam-dominated city, you must pay attention to your attire. Here is what you should know about what to wear in Dubai in November.

What to Wear in Dubai in November

Weather of Dubai in November

It is a hot and windy city throughout the year and November is no exception to that. However, the slightly lower temperatures of 18 to 31 degrees Celsius during November mean you will face lesser humidity as well as lesser rains, but don’t be disheartened by absence of rains, as this is actually a good omen as you will get to spend more time outside and the temperature is pretty favorable too! To sum up, November is considered one of the best months to visit Dubai.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Dubai in November?

Unlike other Emirates, Dubai is pretty flexible about its dress rules. Bear in mind that it is an Islamic city and showing too much skin is considered indecent or inappropriate here. To avoid any such scenarios, here are some suggestions:

Women – You can pretty much wear anything inside your hotel room or at pool, but cover up a little when stepping out. The weather is still hot, so pack clothes in ‘breathable’ fabrics, like cotton or linen. The safest option would be to go for full-sleeve cotton shirts or blouses and full-length trousers (they should cover ankles too!). However, most places aren’t that strict about the dress code and you can manage in knee-length shorts and half-sleeve t-shirts too. For the evenings, you can go for a dress and a pashmina.

Men – A little modesty is always appreciated, even from men! At the pool, you can go for Speedos or board-shorts but cover up while walking from the hotel lobby to the pool, just wrapping a towel around isn’t enough! You can go for Bermuda shorts and t-shirts for walking around or shopping and cotton trousers and full-sleeve shirts for visiting mosques and religious places.

Kids – Boys can go for t-shirts and shorts or cotton or linen trousers and polo-neck tees. Girls can go for half-sleeve shirts and tops or cotton skirts or knee-length shorts. While visiting the mosques, they, too, will be required to cover up the whole body, so pack something appropriate.

Footwear – Most part of your trip will require you to walk, so carry comfy shoes for your trip. Flip-flops work best for the beach, and if you wish, you can wear them on your safari too as you will be walking in sand and sneakers would make it difficult to walk. You can also opt for flat ballets or loafers.

Accessories – Do carry a headscarf, a good sunscreen and a chic pair of sunglasses and a wide hat, too, if you wish!

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