What to Wear in Dubai in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 4:49am by Tyler Coleman

Due to its location on Persian Gulf, Dubai enjoys a hot and dry climate throughout the year. Though January is Dubai’s coldest month, expect to see mild temperatures. There is hardly and any rain and humidity which makes it a perfect time to visit the 8th most visited city in the world. The annual Dubai marathon also takes place towards the end of January and is attended by hundreds of locals and tourist. There is plenty of excitement and entertainment here, but as it has a desert climate, you must make sure you have packed according to the weather. Take a look at what to wear in Dubai in January.

What to Wear in Dubai in January

Weather of Dubai in January

Dubai is the most densely populated and most modern of all the seven United Arab Emirates. It is located on the Persian Gulf Course and enjoys a hot and dry desert climate all year round. January is the coldest month here but it is rather mild and there is nothing freezing and chilly about Dubai’s winters. The average temperature highs are about 23 degrees Celsius while the average lows are about 13 degrees Celsius. With such cold temperatures, humidity is almost non-existent in Dubai with only two days of rain on an average.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Dubai in January?

Dubai is more like a melting point of cultures but nevertheless, it is still an Islamic country and you will cause offense by showing too much skin. However, as it is winter time you have another reason to cover up. Here are some packing suggestions:

Women – It is the time to bring the sweaters out. You can go for warm blouses or t-shirts and wear them with jeans. Layer them with a light cardigan and then a heavy jacket. Warm slacks or leggings along with tunics work perfectly well. Make sure you pack full clothes no matter where you go. If going for cocktail gowns or sundresses then do carry a shawl or a pashmina to wrap around yourself at religious places.

Men – You don’t have to do much and go completely casual in jeans and hoodies or sweaters. Opt for jeans in dark colors and shirts in lighter shades to create the perfect contrast. You can layer with light and heavy clothes and jackets. Button-down shirts and trousers can also be packed and they will be handy at most of restaurants and nightclubs. You can pack leather jackets too or go for a blazer.

Kids – Kids can go for woolen sweaters or jackets along with jeans and full-sleeved shirts and t-shirts. Warm fleece sweaters can also be packed.

Footwear – Comfy shoes are must in every city. During this weather you can opt for boots or ankle booties for daytime. As for nights, you can bring the bling out and opt for something accordingly. Trainers and loafers can be packed for men.

Accessories – You can pack a shawl or a pashmina along with a good sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.

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