What To Wear In Dubai In February

Posted on Jan 3 2014 - 6:55am by Tyler Coleman

The city of Dubai is located within the United Arab Emirates. This city is known for its beautiful high rises, that showcases millions of lights and amazing sights. Dubai has nearly two million residents living within the city. This city has recently become a cosmopolitan region of business and culture. According to a 2011 statistics, Dubai was named the best place to live in the Middle East. As one of the most expensive locations in the world, this city has been a tourist attraction for people all over the world. Before traveling to Dubai, it is good to know what to wear in Dubai in February.

What To Wear In Dubai In February

Weather of Dubai in February

Dubai is well known for its warm, hot desert climates. The city of Dubai typically receives very little rainfall or snowfall during the year. In February Dubai typically has a high of about 25 degrees Celsius with a low of about 16 degrees Celsius. Packing for a trip to Dubai in February requires that you keep your options open. February is typically considered the wintertime, but there is very little rainfall or snowfall. By choosing the right clothing for your trip you can enjoy this trip. Below is a great template for your clothing choices:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Dubai in February?

Women: Although, this is the winter time, the climate of Dubai may not be cold. Dubai during this time is typically warm with a slight cool breeze in the night time. Women should pack short sleeve t-shirts for their time in Dubai. Choose comfortable fabrics such as cotton or maybe even silk. A simple tube top can also be worn in the daytime, while exploring the sights of the city. A dress or skirt can be worn as well to keep a woman cool. During the evening time, a blazer or sweater can be worn to keep you warm.

Men: Men should pack clothes that are incredibly comfortable. Dubai is a very casual city, which makes it perfect for T shirt and shorts. Men should choose light colored jeans that will reflect the heat of the sung. Also, chinos and jeans are a great option for men during the day time. Another option for men is to wear Tank tops, as they can keep the wearer cool. During the night time a man can wear cardigans or a pullover to keep warm. At most a man may need a light jacket, but nothing too heavy.

Kids: Children should wear clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable. One great choice for young boys is a simple short sleeve T- shirt, this can be paired with a wide variety of different bottoms. Shorts can be worn to the beach, for some fun in the some. Swim trunks can also be worn, if your little one wants to go swimming. Young girls have a wide assortment of options including: leggings, shorts, skirts, dress or jeans. Though this is a Middle Eastern country, the typical clothing worn is very casual.

Footwear: The great thing about this Dubai is that you have a wide variety of different options for footwear. You can wear just about any type of shoe that you want. It is suggested that you bring: trainers, tennis shoes, boots, sandals and some evening footwear(heels or dress shoes). Since it is not too cold or hot, you can really wear just about any type of shoe you desire.

Accessories: It is incredibly rare, but you may experience some sprinkles so a good umbrella can come in handy. Also, a sun hat can work to keep you cool in the summertime.