What to Wear in Dubai in December

Posted on Sep 24 2013 - 2:36pm by Tyler Coleman

Dubai is the place to be when you want to soak up some winter sun and enjoy skiing, too! The city has it all from warm and sunny climate to first ever indoor ski resort in Middle East. ‘Ski Dubai’ lets you enjoy the thrill of skiing in snowy mountains amidst the heat of desert. The city also plays host to some of the most exclusive beach parties during New Year’s eve, and even if you can’t make it to any, the Burj Khalifa puts up a spectacular firework show each year around midnight which can be seen from anywhere in the city. Just be cautious of your attire, so that you don’t offend your hosts even before the party has begun! Here is what you should know about what to wear in Dubai in December.

What to Wear in Dubai in December

Weather of Dubai in December

Due to its dry desert climate, Dubai remains hot and sunny all year round, even during winter months like December. There are no distinguishable seasons here and visitors flock to the Emirate throughout the year, especially during colder months to bask in the winter sun. Rainfall is very rare during winter months and temperatures also don’t dip below 15 degrees, but can shoot up to 27 degrees Celsius on hotter days.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Dubai in December?

You don’t have to pack a lot of winter stuff for Dubai; in fact, you may not even need to pack any as the weather is always sunny and dry. To always better to be on the safer side, here are some suggestions:

Women – Anything too tight to too short isn’t appreciated here, except at nightclubs or beach parties. For sightseeing or any other activities, take modest clothes like full-sleeve tops or blouses and trousers. If you prefer shorts, make sure they come up to your knees at least. You can go for tunics and skirts and wear leggings underneath. The weather isn’t jeans-friendly, so you can go for trousers instead. Mosques will require you to cover up from head to toe and that includes a headscarf too; so, carry one with you. Pack dresses for parties!

Men – The modestly you are dressed, the better you will be received. Bermuda shorts and polo-neck t-shirts are good for safari or sightseeing and shopping, but if you plan to go to some nightclub or restaurant, you will need to dress up a bit. Opt for full-sleeve shirts and trousers or you can go for chinos and pair them with polo-neck tees or shirts.

Kids – Shorts, skirts and full-sleeve shirts or t-shirts will do for most part of the city, but pack something fuller for mosques.

Footwear – Flats and loafers for walking around the city would be good, but since it is party season, you will need something formal, too, like oxford shoes for men and stilettos for ladies.

Accessories – Even though it doesn’t get that cold, you can carry a jacket or a cardigan in case it gets colder in the evenings. Pack your sunglasses, scarves, and hats, too!

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