What to Wear in Dubai in April

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 3:31am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Dubai has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. In 2011 the city of Dubai was considered one of the best places to live within the Middle East. This city was also named one of the most expensive places to live in the Middle East. One of the things that makes this city so great is its beautiful environment and awesome skyscrapers. This city has built up a reputations as one of the most and interesting places to visit in the Middle East. For those considering visiting Dubai one of the best months to visit would be in April.

What to Wear in Dubai in April

The Weather of Dubai in April

The weather and climate of Dubai in April is rather warm and the feeling of Spring is completely in swing. The month of April does not experience too many rainy days, typically 2-3 days. The climate of this area is a hot arid desert. The average highs of April is typically around 33 degrees Celsius and has lows of about 21 degrees Celsius. One thing to consider before coming to Dubai is that, the city is fairly humid.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Dubai in April

When packing for Dubai it is important to understand that the city is incredibly hot. This climate is incredibly warm for the Spring, time so it is important to dress appropriately. One of the worst mistakes that a person can make is to bring winter or fall clothing to this trip. Dubai in April has some fairly warm evenings as well. This lends a variety of clothing options to you that will keep you cool during the evenings. When visiting Dubai in April keep your longer sweaters and coats at home. Before packing for this trip it is a good idea to figure out all the things that you will be doing while there.

Women: what to wear

Women should bring a plethora of comfortable summer styled clothing to this trip to Dubai. Since Dubai in April is fairly hot, you will need to focus on shorts and short sleeved shirts for your luggage. A great option for women would be a nice pair of capri pants with a V neck shirt. This clothing option will keep you cool and can be styled with tons of different accessories. Henley shirts are also another great option women to wear while in Dubai.

Women during the evening time should choose clothing that will keep them cool. For ladies this is the perfect time to pull out that cute little mini skirt, you have tucked away in your closet. Skirts and dresses work well for any evening venue you may be attending. Also a nice pair of jeggings with a tube top works well with many women. For something more conservative, you could wear a simple button up dress shirt or a nice blouse with a pair of jeans. You will also want to stay away from long sleeve options as the weather will still be rather warm at night.

Men: what to wear

Men should dress like it is summertime. One of the best options for fellows to try is a nice pair of cargo shorts with a plain white T shirt. Though this is an extremely casual look, it is perfect for traveling the city. Another great option is a nice short sleeve button up shirt with a nice pair of jean shorts. These shorts will help keep you cool in the afternoon heat. A nice henley shirt  is another great option for men to wear during the afternoon.

During the evening time a man will want to dress trend/casually without wearing too many layers of clothing. A great option for men is a simple dress shirt and a nice pair of slacks. Since the desert climate can be very humid, you should opt for a short sleeve shirt, to reduce some of the sweating. Also jeans can be worn, but it would be best to stay away from denim, as it can make you sweat profusely. The dress shirt can be worn with the top button unbuttoned or open with a V neck T-shirt underneath it.

Kids: what to wear

The heat of Dubai can be overwhelming to adults, so it is especially important to keep children very cool while in this city. The most important thing to remember is to dress them in light colors. Stay away from Blacks and Grey, as these two colors attract heat. The best option for children would be a few options of light and comfortable clothes such as shorts and tank tops. Materials that breathe should be the staple of their luggage and bright colors such as blues and whites should be worn. During the evening time kids should wear similar clothes, to keep themselves from overheating in the humid, desert environment.

Footwear: What to Wear

When coming to Dubai you can bring a wide variety of shoes and footwear with you. One of the best types of footwear to bring with you would be a few options of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are universal footwear that work great just about anywhere. While walking around Dubai you will want some great comfort. Another option for you to bring on a trip to Dubai would be a nice pair of sandals. There are a great choices of open toed or closed toed sandals, that will give your feet cool while in the desert climate of Dubai.

Accessories: What to Wear

Some of the best accessories to bring with you to a trip to Dubai would be a nice pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses area  great accessory as they will block the glare out of your eye, while walking around Dubai. Sunglasses also help make your outfits look better. Another great accessory to bring with you would be a nice hat or head wear. Hats offer people a great option to shade their eyes from the sun. Hats come in so many colors and styles that will fit your clothing options.

Dubai Events in April

One of the biggest events in Dubai during the month of April is the World Arab Boxing Championship. This Dubai event is open to the public and offers you a great opportunity to see some of the best boxers that Dubai has to offer. This boxing event showcases 12 different bouts from different weight classes, fighting it out to see who is the best. Three of the matches are amatuer matches, while the rest are professional bouts. This boxing match will come with a laser show and tons fireworks.

Things to Do in Dubai in April

The city of Dubai offer so many attractions for visitors to see and explore. One of the most popular attractions is the Bastakiya. The Bastakiya is an olden town of Dubai that represents the historical and spiritual center of the city. This town offers a unique look back at the humble beginnings of Dubai from a small fishing pond. Dune surfing is a great adventures that is both unique as well as incredibly fun. You can take a jeep into the desert of Dubai and surf along the Dunes found out there.