What to Wear in Crete

Posted on Jul 27 2013 - 12:13pm by Tyler Coleman

If you are still wondering what to wear in Crete, the possibilities are endless, given the way this island is. This is a diverse island with sandy beaches to mountains and palm-tree forests growing in the middle of the plains. The streets here are lined with architecture reflecting Crete’s ancestral styles as well as contemporary Greeks. This is one island that offers you everything you can imagine – from the rich history to adventure sports and adrenaline rush. Once here, you just cannot get enough of Crete.

What to Wear in Crete

Weather of Crete

Crete is known to have the mildest climate in entire Greece due to its southern location and surrounding waters. The island has a Mediterranean climate and experiences hot and dry summers while the winters here are rainy and mild. However, it also witnesses temperature variations due to the central mountains which divide the island mainly into two parts. The northern side is similar to most of the European Mediterranean resorts while the southern side of Crete is hotter, sunnier, and drier. It witnesses the main four seasons as:

Summer – The temperatures can average from high 20s to even 30s during summer months. During the peak months, they can even spike to 40s. The nights are, however, milder and bearable due to lower levels of humidity.

Autumn – If you have an interest in exploring the island rather than getting roasted on the beach, autumn is the perfect time for your visit. The temperatures are slightly milder during autumn season. The temperatures take a dip to mid 20s and the nights see even lesser temperatures.

Winter – Rainfall is at its highest during winters in Crete. So, from December till March, it is wet and blustery, but mild, too. You can indulge in water sports but the sea is too cold for swimming.

Spring – As expected, the weather starts improving during spring. Rainfall decreases rapidly and temperature spikes up to above 20s.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Crete?

Crete is a beautiful city with lots of beaches and sports activities, but it has many cultural sights, too. So your packing would depend upon what you are planning to indulge in. Here are some suggestions:

Women – The weather here is damp, so unless it is winters or autumn, try not to pack jeans and denims. You can go for clothes that do double duty, such as long skirts. They will not only be a casual wear during daytime but will also look fab for a night out. You can go big on cotton shirts, blouses, and skirts. During spring or fall season, remember to pack a lightweight jacket or windbreaker as it can get colder during evenings. Winters will also require a few woolen sweaters and jackets. Since it rains a lot, remember to pack your trench.

Men – Going for everything in cotton is the best way to pack for Crete. Cargoes and pants in cotton and linen which can be paired with T-shirts and shirts would be your best bet during summers. Fall and spring season will only require a sweatshirt or windbreaker more. A jacket will also serve the purpose. During winters, you can go for warmer clothes and jeans and jackets. For winters, think of layering when you pack and do not forget an umbrella or a trench.

Kids – Cotton shorts and Bermuda shorts paired with half-sleeve cotton shirts and other breathable fabrics would be good for Crete weather. For slightly cooler temperatures, you can go for denims and jackets and full-sleeve T-shirts and tops. If going for skirts, you can pack leggings and slacks, too.

Footwear – This is a very casual city and you will be on your feet most of the time, so go for comfortable and durable footwear. Hiking boots take up a lot of room, so carry them or you can wear them if you plan to go hiking; otherwise, you can stroll around the island in flats, espadrilles, loafers, and flat ballets. You will not need pumps and heels, so leave them at home.

Accessories – You will definitely need a lot of sunscreen lotion and a hat to save yourself from the sun. You can also pack umbrellas and scarves and a nice bag, of course.

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