What to Wear in Chicago in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 6:24am by Tyler Coleman

Chicago also known as the windy city, has received its name for its bitter, cold winters that bring with them incredibly high winds. January by far is the coldest month of the year for Chicago, with the lowest highs and lowest lows for the year. However, Chicago is a beautiful city that provides a lot of attractions for its visitors. Chicago is known for its great foods and awesome sites of the city, especially during the nighttime. If you are planning on visiting Chicago during January you should be aware of the climate and weather conditions of this city.

What to Wear in Chicago in January

Weather of Chicago in January

Chicago in January is extremely cold and experiences infrequent rainfall during this time. Rainfall reaches about 55 mm during the month of January. With an average high of about 0 degrees Celsius and low of about -8 degrees Celsius, you can expect to run into some very cold weather. Packing for this trip means being prepare for just about anything from hail, to snow and rainfall. You must absolutely pack correctly for a trip to Chicago in January. Failure to pack correctly can lead to a very uncomfortable visit.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Chicago in January?

Women Wear: When women are considering what to wear in Chicago in January, they should pack for the extreme cold temperatures. It is vitally important that women bring a nice snow jacket that is both rain as well as wind resistant. This will help keep you dry and warm while visiting Chicago. Also it is important that women bring woolen sweater and denim pants to wear. A denim jacket can be worn as well, as this will help keep you warm while in Chicago. Rainfall and snowfall may occur so you should make sure that you have a few pairs of thermals with you as well.

Men Wear: These extremely low temperatures require that a man be thoroughly prepared and packed for a visit to Chicago. A man should definitely bring jeans and denim pants on a trip like this. Similar to women, men should also invest in a few pairs of thermals that can be worn underneath any outfit. Along with thermals a man should bring sweatsuits with hoodies on them. This will help them prepare for the chilling cold of January. Heavy overcoats and woolen sweater are a must for this trip.

Kids Wear: Kids should have a pair of thermals as well. Thermal undergarments will help insulate the children’s body and keep them warm. Both boys and girls should have a few changes of denim pants and jeans available. These types of bottoms will help keep them warm and dry. However, the most important rule to remember when dressing children, is layers. Kids should have multiple layers of clothing on in the Chicago cold. At night time a nice leather jacket for the kids is important or a nice trench coat to keep them bundled up.

Footwear: The best types of footwear to bring on a trip to Chicago will include snow boots and leather trainers. Snow boots and regular boots should be worn at all times to help prevent frostbite in your feet. These extreme colds can be incredibly bitter and it is important that a family have a nice pair of woolen socks to wear as well. At night time women should avoid open toed shoes and men should wear patent leather shoes, for going out at night.

Accessories: The best accessories for a family to bring on a trip like this is a nice pair of tundra hats for the family. The ear flaps will help keep your entire face warm, while out in Chicago.

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