What to Wear in Cancun in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 6:15am by Tyler Coleman
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The beautiful city of Cancun is one of the most well known tourist attractions in the world. This city is found in the southeastern part of Mexico. Cancun is located next to the Caribbean Sea, which is a very scenic location. Cancun is well known for its oceanic view and beautiful beaches. The hotels and nightlife also add to the natural beauty of the city of Cancun. When visiting the city of Cancun it is important to pack for the trip. If you fail to pack correctly you may find your trip to Cancun incredibly unsatisfying.

What to Wear in Cancun in January

Weather of Cancun in January

Before heading off to Cancun it is important to dress for the trip. Cancun in January is a bit different than Cancun during the main tourist season(summertime). It is typically known as a dry, yet tropical and wet climate. This means that you should be well prepared for just about any type of weather conditions. The average highs in January is about 27 degrees in Celsius and 19 degrees Celsius for the lows. This is a relatively warm climate for the month of January. During the month of January, Cancun may experience about 10 days of rain.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Cancun in January?

Women Wear: January in Cancun is one of the coldest times to visit the city, so it is important that a woman bring appropriate clothes. A woman should definitely bring a raincoat on a trip to Cancun during the month of January. A woman should also bring along a few different choices of sweaters or pullovers, simply to keep warm during rainfall. As far as bottoms are considered a woman should bring jeans or denims for this trip. At night a dress can be worn with a nice overcoat or trenchcoat.

Men Wear: Men considering what to wear in Cancun in January, should also few extra clothing choices. January being a fairly cool month should be well prepared for by dressing with long sleeves and jeans. A nice cardigans with a dress shirt is a great option for most men. For a more casual look in Cancun you should be able to pull off a simple pull over to brace for the cool night air. Men do have a plethora of pants options to choose from. A man could wear sweatpants, jeans, denim pants, chinos or dress pants during the day or night time. All of these dress options are appropriate for the Cancun trip.

Kids: If kids are coming along for the trip, then the family will probably do a lot of sightseeing. Keeping this in mind children should wear similar clothes to men. There clothing options should include long sleeve shirts, and sweaters. As far as pants go kids should refrain from wearing shorts unless it is sunny outside. Also, the best option at night for a kid to wear is a pair of denim pants and a nice sized coat. A long with the overcoat a child would benefit from wear a nice sweater or cardigan.

Footwear: The best footwear to bring with you on a trip to Cancun in January, is a nice pair of comfortable tennis shoes and boots. Tennis shoes can be worn just about anywhere and keep your feet warm during the cold. Boots are a great option in strong chance that you are caught up in the rain. Flip flops may be worn if the sun is out and its warm outside.

Accessories: Cancun experiences a lot of rainfall during the month of January. Seeing as its a high probability to experience rain, it is a good idea to bring an umbrella with you.