What to Wear in Buenos Aires in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 6:10am by Tyler Coleman

Buenos Aires one of the most well known cities in the world is a beautiful travel destination. Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and has a population of around 13 million. This city has also been noted as the best city to live in within Latin America. Argentina is also known as having one of the best standards of living in the world. As far as being a traveled location, Buenos Aires is one of the most well visited city in Latin America. If you are planning on traveling to Buenos Aires then there are some clothes that you need to pack.

What to Wear in Buenos Aires in January

Weather of Aires in January

Buenos Aires provides you with a great opportunity to see beautiful sites, beaches and cultural events. Buenos Aires is known for its high temperature climates and has no dry season. The highs in Buenos Aires is about 28 degrees Celsius and lows of about 21 degrees Celsius. Buenos Aires has a very wet and humid climate, that can make packing for this city pretty difficult. However it is very possible to dress appropriately for a trip to Buenos Aires.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Aires in January?

Women Clothing: Women considering, what to wear in buenos aires in January, should always pack a few extra clothes for their stay. Women should also, pack for potential rainfall during the month of January. This city experiences rainfall for about one third of the month. There is also a high chance of thunderstorms during the month of January. Women should bring a light jacket and a rain jacket for any potential rain you may experience. Women should also bring sweaters and pullovers to a trip to Buenos Aires. Women can bring dark jeans and denims, this will help keep a woman warm. Also a nice pair of sweatpants will make a great alternative options. At night a good overcoat with a nice dress is appropriate for an evening outing.

Men Clothing: Men should bring long dress shirts and sweaters for day wear. These sweater do not have to be incredibly heavy, but should protect you from some rainfall. The temperature is high enough for men to wear short sleeves during the day, but it is important to bring a light jacket with you. One great option is to bring a nice button up shirt that you could wear with jeans or a pair of chinos. At night you can wear a nice cardigan or pullover with dress pants or dark jeans.

Kids Clothing: Children can bring shorts to Buenos Aires as long as they are comfortable and provide some breathing room for their legs. Women can also wear a nice skirts during the daytime since, Buenos Aires is a very casual and laid back town. Jeans are also a very great option for your children in the daytime. Kids clothing should also include a nice light jacket or hoodie that will keep them warm during rainfall. At nighttime a young girl can wear a dress and a young man can wear dress pants if applicable.

Footwear: Buenos Aires is a casual town that will allow people to wear just about anything. As far as footwear is considered, people should wear tennis shoes, flip flops or sandals for daytime activities. Since Buenos Aires is near beaches these footwear options will offer you an ability to be comfortable and enjoy the scenery. At night it is dressy attire can be worn to different shows and nightclubs. Women can wear heels and men can wear patent leather shoes.

Accessories: This town can get very warm and rainy, so its appropriate to bring an umbrella as well as a pair of sunglasses.

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