What to Wear in Budapest

Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 7:28am by Tyler Coleman
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This Hungarian city is simply spectacular and one thing that you will definitely notice about Budapest is its vastness and that how grand it is. The city as a whole is immense with enormous buildings and wide roads. The city also has an amazing weather, and to make the best of your trip, you must pack right and that comes from knowing what to wear in Budapest.

What to Wear in Budapest

Weather of Budapest

Budapest has a continental climate with harsh winters and glorious summers. It has four distinct seasons with moderate amount of precipitation all year round but maximum during summer months.

Winter – As can be predicated from its continental climate, winters in Budapest are cold, harsh, and bitter. In fact, winters are fairly sharp throughout the country and sometimes the lows fall to aching -29 degrees Celsius. Even though winters can be piercing in Budapest, if you look at the brighter side, the season is short and you still have bright sunny days, occasionally. December sees daily average temperatures of 1 degree Celsius with minimum and maximum being -1 and 3 degrees Celsius, respectively. January is the coldest and temperatures fall well below freezing. February sees an average minimum of -2 degrees and maximum of 4 degrees Celsius. Winters also have light but frequent snowfall and coat the city in a picturesque blanket of white.

Summer – Don’t be misled by the overall annual temperature of 9.7 degrees Celsius, as the city can get fairly hot in summers. Unlike many other popular coastal resorts in its vicinity, it is devoid of cool Mediterranean Sea breeze. In fact, the grand and spectacular architecture of the city absorbs all the heat, meaning that there is no relief during nights, too. Summers run from April until the end of September, and while the summer season is at its peak, the city basks in ten hours of sunshine every day.

Autumn – The month of October sees a period locally known as ‘venasszonyok nyra’, which is translated to ‘old woman’s summer’, also known as Indian summer. This is due to the presence of continuous sunny and clear days throughout autumn. Early autumn is a great time to visit Budapest as temperatures are in lower twenties which later fall to tens as autumn approaches an end.

Spring – Just like autumn, spring is a great time to visit Budapest as the city wakes up from its winter slumber. Like any other European city, Budapest, too, is covered in lush green grass and colorful and bright flowers and you can see blooming trees everywhere.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Budapest?

The clothing style of Budapest has a slight divide between older and younger generations. While the former has flair of conservative yet classy clothes, the latter prefers bold and western styles with a casual eye. You can easily blend with these suggestions:

Women – The city has distinct seasons, so your packing should be according to the weather. For spring, you can pack in layers. You can include jeans or dark trousers and neutral T-shirts or blouses along with a blazer or a jacket. For summers, you can carry flowery outfits, loose blouses and tank-tops and pair them up with skirts and shorts. For the winter season, you will need warm clothing like knitted jumpers, winter coats, jeans, or woolen trousers.

Men – For the spring season, you can go for T-shirts and jeans along with a leather jacket or a blazer. Summer season is very hot, so carry only shorts or Bermudas along with cotton shirts and T-shirts. Winters would require heavier clothing like winter coats with fleece lining, jeans and full-sleeve shirts.

Kids – You should pack keeping the weather in mind. The best way is to pack in layers for both autumn and spring seasons. You can go for skirts and shorts along with loose t-shirts or blouses and jumpsuits. They can be layered with jackets and sweaters. Winters would require heavier layering with coats, woolen sweaters and lots of fleece.

Footwear – The city is best explored on foot and the cobbled streets of the city aren’t exactly heel-friendly. You can pack a pair of flip-flops, flats, or nice brogues, too!

Accessories – Most of the people wear hats here, so do carry one along with a pair of sunglasses. You will also need a scarf and a nice bag.