What to Wear in Beijing in October

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 3:38am by Tyler Coleman

October is a good time to spend your time in Beijing and enjoy the fragrance and autumn colors of the city such as the sweet-scented osmanthus in the summer palace, the red leaves of fragrant hill or chrysanthemum exhibition at Jingshan Park. Not only this, the international music festival is also held during October. So, overall you are bound to have a great time in the city but make sure you avoid it during the first week, i.e., 1- 7 October as it’s a national holiday. To enjoy the best of the city, you should be packed appropriately, so that you don’t land on the wrong foot. Here is what you should know about what to wear in Beijing in October.

What to Wear in Beijing in October

Weather of Beijing in October

By October, autumn gets into full-swing in Beijing and you can feel it in the cool and dry weather of Beijing. There is a big temperature difference between day and night with daytime highs being 19 degrees Celsius and dropping down to 8 degrees by night. The weather is also quite changeable as it may feel like summer on a sunny day and then cool down to 3 or 4 degrees after a spell. By the end of month, frost may also appear.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Beijing in October?

The weather is quite changeable during this time of the year. One day it is sunny and then after a short spell, it feels like winter is already here. Sp you will need clothes according to both situations. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Some locals can still be spotted in shorts and half-sleeved t-shirts while some throw in their hoodies. The choice is yours! However, the smarter way would be to go for layers like half-sleeve tops with full-sleeve shirts and lightweight jackets or a warm single-layer coat for particularly cold days. The best way would be to for jeans and t-shirts in warm fabrics and then wear hoodies or jackets over them.

Men – You can go for jeans and t-shirts or full-sleeved shirts along with warm trousers. Also add layers of lightweight jackets or a warm sweater over it. On colder days, you can go for a coat or a blazer with a warm shirts and trousers will also work well.

Kids – Pack in layers starting with thermals and full-sleeve t-shirts and shirts. You can pack tunics and hoodies along with slacks or leggings for girls or just go for jeans, t-shirts and a jacket or a sweater. Boys can also go for jeans, t-shirts, shirts with hoodies, sweatshirts or casual jackets.

Footwear – It would be wiser to go for closed-toe shoes like boots or ankle booties. Make sure you carry comfortable and broken-in shoes that don’t cause discomfort later. Flat ballets or espadrilles can also be packed along with loafers for men.

Accessories – Carry a backpack to ferry your stuff around and an extra bag for your shopping. Sunscreen and sunglasses would be required along with hats. Also carry moisturizer and lip balms as the wind is a little harsh on skin.

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