What to Wear in Beijing in February

Posted on Jan 3 2014 - 6:27am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Beijing is the capital of China. This city has been renowned for centuries as a political and business center of China. Beijing has nearly 20 million inhabitants living within the city. Some of the most noted building(structures) in Beijing are the: Temple of Heaven, and Beijing National Stadium. Beijing is noted for having a strong link to their long history, that spans several centuries. Those interested in visiting Beijing in February should be thoroughly prepared to deal with the weather. Failure to pack the right clothes can lead to a miserable trip to Beijing in February.

What to Wear in Beijing in February

Weather of Beijing in February

Compared to the month of January, February is warmer. However this is not by much, it is important to understand that winters in Beijing can be harsh. The cold weather requires that you be thoroughly packed to deal with the climate. It rarely rains during this time, but that does not mean that you should not be prepared for it. Also, it can get very windy for a few days out of the week. The following ideas are a great example of what you should bring to Beijing in February:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Beijing in February?

Women: Around this time of the year it is important that women dress warmly. The best options for bottoms are either denim or dark jeans. These two types of pants will help keep the heat near your body while you are in Beijing. Also, the tops that you choose should be long sleeves. During the day you may be able to get away with a simple sweater and light jackets. At night, it is imperative that you bring a heavy jean or leather jacket with you. Also, rural areas of Beijing typically get colder, so it is a good idea to bring a jacket everywhere you go.

Men: What to wear in Beijing in February for men, would include thick woolen sweaters. These woolen sweaters will help cut back on some of the cold and windy days. Also, men should consider investing in thermals for the cold. These thermals can be found in both tops as well as bottoms and will keep you warm. Also, denim jeans and sweatpants can be interchanged during your visit. Men should invest in a sweaters, pullovers and cardigans for the daytime. These can be worn at night, but should be worn under a jacket.

Kids: Just like the parents, children should dress for the cold. With temperatures only getting as high as 5 degrees Celsius and low as -6 degrees Celsius, the cold can be very extreme. Children should be bundled up both day and night. The best clothes for them include: heavy woolen sweater, Long sleeve shirts and jackets. Though it doesn’t snow very often it is also good to bring a heavy coat or snow jacket, just in case.

Footwear: Footwear choices in Beijing should be thoroughly thought out. If you plan on staying in a urban area of town, then a good pair of trainers or tennis shoes should work. If you plan on visiting rural areas of town then you should consider investing in some quality boots(women can opt for ugg boots). At night women can wear heels, but it would be smart to make sure that they are closed toe.

Accessories: A great accessories for people to bring would be a pair of earmuffs. The cold night air can be incredibly harsh on your ears. Also, scarves and shawls can be worn to keep a person warm in the day or at night.