What to wear in Beijing in December

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 3:52am by Tyler Coleman

Even though the weather is chilly, Beijing in December is sheer and utter bliss (only if you can stand freezing temperatures)! The Great Wall of China sees fewer visitors but the scenery is breathtaking with picturesque snow-covered mountains. And talking about snow, if you are up for some skiing and ice skating, Beijing is the place to be as the city is wrapped in white sheets of snow. Additionally, due to northern position of Beijing, the city has excellent elevation and amazing mountain ranges. So, be prepared for a chilly weather but a hotter experience, and to avoid any discomforts due to weather, you should be packed savvy. Read on to know what to wear in Beijing in December.

What to wear in Beijing in December

Weather of Beijing in December

By December, it is the middle of winters in Beijing and the city is known for its harsh and chilly winters. As cold wind sweeps the city, you see a bleak visage of winter with everything covered in white sheets of snow. Snow is likely to occur in December and it doesn’t melt quickly due to low temperatures. The average daytime highs are 4 degrees Celsius and lows are -6 degrees Celsius which is way below freezing.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Beijing in December?

Pack according to wintery conditions of the city, or maybe like an Eskimo, if you plan to visit the Great Wall. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Wear thermals underneath so that your body heat gets trapped inside. Pack lots of woolens and fleece sweaters. Start with full-sleeve t-shirts or shirts over thermals and then add layers of light jackets one over other or a thick coat over a woolen sweater. A woolen scarf and gloves are indispensable items, so don’t forget to pack them. Carry thick coats to wear over your outfits.

Men – Start with thermals and then keep adding layers. You can go for full-sleeve warm t-shirts or shirts along with jeans or warm trousers. Make sure you carry enough of woolens. Lightweight sweaters can be layered with casual sports jacket or thickly-padded coats. Carry windbreakers along as the wind is pretty strong sometimes.

Kids – Pack lots of woolens and fleece stuff like sweaters and jackets. Thermals are indispensable and so are gloves and scarves. You can pack warm slacks, jeans or trousers along with warm shirts or t-shirts. Also pack lightweight jackets, cardigans and some heavy sweaters or coats. Windbreakers can also be packed.

Footwear – Warm shoes or boots with good and sturdy grip would be best suited for December weather. You can carry your own ski shoes or borrow or buy from the resort itself, but make sure whatever you pack has a sturdy grip and provides good friction, else you might find yourself stumbling in the streets.

Accessories – To save your skin from blows of cold and harsh winds, pack skin care products and lip balms. You will also need woolen gloves and socks and hats, too. Also carry some cold and flu medicines.

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