What to Wear in Barcelona

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 6:56am by Tyler Coleman

You might be done with booking ticket or hotel and jumping up and down looking at your itinerary for Barcelona, but the big task of packing still remains. Even if you are an experienced traveler, even the idea of packing sounds gloomy enough to put down the spirits. But we are here to help you pack for your trip in Barcelona by telling you what to wear in Barcelona, so you know what to pack and what to skip.

What to Wear in Barcelona

Weather of Barcelona

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate comprising of hot summers and mild winters, but fortunately, the city sits on an elevated plateau so its weather is also moderated by westerly winds from Atlantic. These factors combine together to make its temperature slightly cooler and lead to higher precipitation than Spain’s more southerly coastal resorts. The city of Barcelona is also cooler in the summer and warmer in winter than areas lying further inland from coast. The climatic conditions of major seasons in Barcelona as below:

Summer – Summer is probably one of the best months to explore this city. Starting from June and ending by September, you can expect plenty of heat and sunshine during summer which brings out the best in the city. The max temperature goes up to 28 degrees Celsius which gives you reasons enough to venture out.

Autumn – Autumn is marked by warm and wet months of October and November with a fall in temperature. The average high temperature falls to 21 degrees and you can expect at least 5 hours of sunshine per day. It rains quite frequently and sometimes it gets foggy, too.

Winter – Starting from December and ending by February, this is winter time in Barcelona which is sometimes mild but at other times very cold. Mercury takes a dip and lowest temperature can be observed up to 4 degrees Celsius.

Spring – Spring season is equally wet as autumn but slightly more warm and sunny. Nights remain cool, but from mid of April you can expect sunny days.

What to Wear in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a metropolitan city and you will find a lot of fashionable people out there in the streets in well-cut suits and frocks to jeans and t-shirts. However, even if you are a fashionista at home, when choosing clothes for your trip, focus on comfort first and then fashion. To make sure you have both, take a look below:

Women – People in Barcelona are big fans of autumn colors like fall foliage (greens, yellow), the windswept or beaches (beiges, tans, taupe) or sea colors. You get the idea anyway! So refrain from indulging in very pop or bright colors. You can pack striped tops or plain t-shirts and full or cropped pants for summers in beige or tan. You can also go for stretch and twill pants during autumn and summer. If you prefer skirts, you can also layer them with leggings or slacks if temperature dips down. Shorts and beachwear is meant only for beaches and you should avoid wearing them in the city. Nightclubs and churches in Barcelona have strict dress codes so make sure you are aptly dressed for both.

Men – Shorts are meant only for beaches and you will seldom spot a local wearing them in the city. For most part of the year, you can do well in a few t-shirts, shirts and jeans or trousers. But with fall in temperature, you will have to dress up a bit more with lightweight sweaters and jackets.

Kids – If you are going during summers, there could be no alternative to shorts and tank-tops or spaghetti tops. You can also pack skinny jeans or cropped jeans or trousers. Boys can also go for t-shirts and jeans. For slightly colder months, pack sweaters, cardigans and jackets.

Footwear – On a single day in Barcelona, you might find yourself walking on slick granite sidewalks or climbing down steep marble steps or may be strolling in the sands, so you will need shoes that let you do all that. You can go for sandals or espadrilles. For nightclubs, you can go for something more formal.

Accessories – Sunscreen and sunglasses are must-haves all year round. You can also keep a raincoat or an umbrella. Pack a fedora or a wide-brimmed hat that is stylish and saves you from sun, too.

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