What to wear in Barcelona Spain

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 6:47am by Tyler Coleman

No matter when you choose to visit Barcelona in Spain, you will find that weather brings out the city’s mix of modern, gothic and mystical architecture, its numerous parks and it’s never dying festive spirit. To have the best of it, you must mix up with the crowd and not stand out as a tourist and that can be achieved only when you know what to wear in Barcelona, Spain.

What to wear in Barcelona Spain

Weather of Barcelona Spain

Barcelona sits on the northeast coast of Spain known as Costa Brava or ‘the wild coast’ (due to its rugged appearance and tempestuous weather). Due to this, it has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. This location of Barcelona also puts it the path of many conflicting winds such as westerly winds from the Atlantic which makes its weather system a little inscrutable. Hence its weather conditions vary considerably from year to year. The major climatic conditions of Barcelona are given below:

Summer – The average high temperature in summers rises up to 28 degrees Celsius and the days are sunny and warm and you can expect plenty of sunshine during the summer months. Nighttimes are comparatively cooler in fringe months. Low humidity and steady breeze help keep the weather comfortable, but sometimes it can soar beyond 30s.

Autumn – Autumn months experience frequent rainfall and sometimes fog down from the sea. The day temperature is somewhere around 21 degrees Celsius but during night, it can drop down to 17 degrees or sometimes even to 8. The fog becomes a usual feature as rainfall diminishes.

Winter – The winter weather is very unpredictable and irregular owing to its varying climate. The maximum temperature is only 13 degrees and it can further drop down to 4 degrees Celsius. You can expect 4 hours of sunshine on one day but then there are weeks which only see gray skies which bring on the wet and blustery weather.

Spring – The spring weather is quite like the autumn one – only warm and sunny. The average temperature you can expect is somewhere between 17 to 20 degrees Celsius.

What to Wear in Barcelona Spain?

When you think of Barcelona, all that comes to your mind is beaches and maybe football and you think it is not very high on style. But that is where you are wrong! The city might appear a little casual, but it does take fashion seriously. You can see everything on the streets from classic Chanel suits to colorful frocks in various fits. Take a look below:

Women – Women in Barcelona dress up rather conservatively and do not prefer shorts much. You can leave your shorts at home if you don’t want to appear as a tourist. Beachwear is meant only for the beach, so that means you cannot roam around in the city center in your beachwear. The best way to pack is to pack in layers like long skirts with slacks, jeans and fitted tops. You can also pack a nice dress and one a full-sleeve top with something that covers your legs, if you are planning to visit churches.

Men – Men, too, do not wear shorts much. They prefer neutral shades or what you popularly call autumn shades. So, pack shirts and trousers in neutral shades along with a well-fitted jacket if you are going in autumn or spring. During summers, you can do just in a T-shirt and cropped pants, but a slight dip in temperature would make you go for warm trousers and lightweight sweaters. So make sure, you pack them.

Kids – Pack clothes in layers for your kids, too. Leggings or slacks with skirts and a top would be a good option for girls. You can pack sleeveless or full-sleeve tops and T-shirts, depending upon the month of your visit. A few lightweight jackets and sweaters would be good enough during autumn, but for winters you will need something heavier.

Footwear – Pack comfortable and durable footwear. People here don’t wear sneakers except when they are gymming or working out. So pack accordingly that you don’t stand out!

Accessories – A sunscreen and sunglasses are must-haves along with a wide-brim hat. You can also accessorize your neutral hued outfits with bold accessories.

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