What to Wear in Barcelona in September

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 12:30pm by Tyler Coleman

The second largest city of Spain and the capital of Catalonia – Barcelona is a must visit if you are planning a getaway to Spain. The city’s rich heritage will definitely awe you. If you do not wish to appear as tourists, make sure you wear clothes that make you blend in the crowd and the locals. What to wear in Barcelona in that case? The answer is pretty simple. Wear what the locals wear and of course according to the season. September is the month for visiting Barcelona. It may be a little battered by summer’s heat and scuffed by visitors looking for summer-closed places, but the city now takes on a new life.

What to Wear in Barcelona in September

Weather During September in Barcelona

The weather cools down after August a bit and some of the best weather conditions can be observed in September and October. Besides if the sweltering and humid conditions of August are too much for you, the September is the month to go. The average temperature during daytime in September is around 26 degrees Celsius while minimum temperature can drop to 17 degrees. An average of 9 hours of sunshine can be expected in the city. Also, there are fair chances of rain during September. Now that you have a fair idea of city’s weather conditions, take a look at what to wear in Barcelona in September.

Clothes to Wear During September

If you do not wish to appear as a tourist, follow a simple rule; wear what locals do. The Catalans are forward-thinking people but they do respect a little modest and conservative dressing.

Clothes for Women – Jeans are evergreen clothes of choice, but since the weather is slightly humid, you might want to skip them. Go for lightweight skirts or bottoms that protect you from heat also. When around city centre, make sure you are decently dressed because less-is-more rule applies to beaches only.

Men – The rule of denim applies to men, too. You can give your denims a miss and go for lightweight trousers as they will keep you protected from sun and the heat. Cotton shirts and casual t-shirts will also do well. However, wearing shorts can make you look like a tourist, so you might want to save your shorts for the beach only.

Kids – Kids can wear anything, from shorts and Bermudas to trousers or floral skirts to tank tops. The choice is unlimited as long as you keep the fabric according to the weather.

You can also include muted/autumnal shades to your clothes.

Outwear – Make sure you are not overly dressed during daytime. At night, too, remember to dress up well.

Footwear – The Catalans hate shabby shoes. Wearing flip-flops can be way too casual. Prefer leather sandals during summer season as these will help you gel in the locals. You can wear your fancy shoes at night or while going to a party.

Innerwear – As the weather is slightly humid during September, you might want to skip silks and laces. Go for innerwear that provides proper ventilation to your body, preferably cottons.

Accessories – Catalans are very casual people so you don’t need to accessorize much during daytime. For the night, make sure you are up to the mark of city’s nightlife.

Other Things to Carry

Apart from the ones already listed above, make sure you are dressed they way they are. You can also hit local stores to get a taste of local Barcelona. To really enjoy the city, you will have to become a part of it.