What to Wear in Barcelona in October

Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 11:38am by Tyler Coleman

Barcelona is a beautiful city and is quite a sight to look at. Beautiful beaches and the bustling city centre will take your breath away. Once you are there, you will not seem to have enough of the city. Though summer is said to be the best time to visit Barcelona and its beautiful beaches, but chances are you’ll equally love it in October, too, provided you know what to wear in Barcelona in October! With right kind of packing, you’ll have a great vacation ahead and you’ll fall in love with this beautiful city.

What to Wear in Barcelona in October

Weather of Barcelona in October

The weather of Barcelona could actually be a little deceiving. During daytime, it’s very sunny and hot even in October and then as soon as the sun goes down, the weather too starts getting colder. It can rain at any given day! So, the only option you have is to be prepared for any weather changes.

What to Wear in Barcelona?

It is true that most Spaniards dress up slightly better than Americans and Brits for formal occasion, so you might not want to stick out like a sore thumb by dressing up in your usual attire. Since it is very hot during daytime, you can go out in skirts, capris and light weight fabrics, but for the nighttime, you must have some sweaters or jackets with you.

Here are some suggestions:

Women – People here aren’t much fans of shorts, so it is better you drop the idea of wearing shorts in the city. For the daytime, you can go for lightweight fabrics, like cotton and linen. You can opt for cotton pants, cropped pants, or skirts. For the night, you got to have a sweater or leggings along with your skirt. You can also do with a pair of blue jeans.

Men – Don’t wear shorts when you are shopping or strolling in the city. The people here don’t like that and they’ll make you stand out as a tourist. Also avoid wearing t-shirts that have ‘tourist’ scribbled in bold. For the daytime, you can go with shirts, t-shirts, full pants or cropped pants in cotton or any other lightweight material. To survive the night here, make sure you have a jacket, a sweater or coat with you.

Kids – Boys can go for t-shirts or shirts along with pants. Girls can go for skirts, shorts, pants, jeans and for the nighttime you have got to have a lightweight jacket and a sweater.

Footwear – Try avoiding flip-flops as they’ll make your feet dirt-magnets, because you’ll have to do a lot of walking around the city. You can choose shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in. Pick up something like strapped sandals, gladiators, or converse.

Accessories – Since you don’t know when it might rain, always carry and umbrella or a raincoat whenever stepping out. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses and a cute beach hat.

Also don’t wear socks with sandals. This is not something the people there are really fond of.

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