What to Wear in Barcelona in November

Posted on Jun 26 2013 - 2:44pm by Tyler Coleman

Barcelona is located in the heart of Catalan province of Spain. The city is a legend in terms of beaches and its fashion icons. The city is the reason ‘Barcelona Football Club’ exists. And, for most of the people, this is reason enough to visit this city. And for ladies, you can tantalize your fashion tastes here in this city. Though people think that summer is the time to visit a city with beaches, but this city will not disappoint you in any season. If you are planning a visit to this city in November, then all you need to know is what to wear in Barcelona in November, and you are set to go.

What to Wear in Barcelona in November

Weather of Barcelona in November

The weather plays funny in this part of the country. You expect it to be chilly and freezy in winters and it is, but only after sunset. During daytime, it can get quite hot. In fact, hot enough to come out in your skirts and then cold enough to pack yourself in layers of warm clothes.

What to Wear in Barcelona?

The trick here is to dress up according to the weather. Just go with it even if you have to stroll in skirts one day and in warm jackets the next. That is actually the fun and surprise part. In fact, the anticipation will make your trip worth it. Since its going to be colder than October, only a few lightweight jackets and sweaters will not do, you’ll need more warmer and woolen clothes.

Women – Ladies can go for jeans or cropped pants for the daytime. A few tops or full-sleeved blouses will get you through daytime. But, for the night, you will definitely need a shawl or a sweater or maybe a jacket or a coat.

Men – Men can opt for the evergreen blue denims for the day if it’s not too hot. In case it is, you can go for cotton crops or pants. T-shirts and full-sleeve shirts will also do well. For night, remember to pack some heavy woolens as only a jacket will not save you from freezing.

Kids – Boys can go for the likes of men including cotton and linen for day. Maybe a light weight jacket for the day and heavy and warm jacket or sweater for night. Girls can opt for skirts or jeans and sweaters for nighttime. The rule is to stick to woolens for the night.

Footwear – As usual, avoid flip-flops while walking through the city and streets as they will make your feet dirty and will be uncomfortable for most parts. You can pack strapped sandals, closed-toe shoes, sneakers for casual outings and a pair of formal shoes and heels for formal occasions.

Accessories – Even if it is winter, you still have to carry a sunscreen and sunglasses. Since it rains a lot in this city, you will also have to pack that raincoat and umbrella or can buy them from some local store. A wide hat and a scarf is all you need more.

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