What to Wear in Barcelona in July

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 12:12pm by Tyler Coleman

Planning to visit Barcelona in July? That could be a little tough given the weather there during July. To make your trip hassle-free and comfortable, make sure you carry the right stuff; we mean the right clothes! Since it is going to be hot, you’ll have to decide what to wear in Barcelona in July.

What to Wear in Barcelona in July

Barcelona’s Weather During July

During this time of the year, the weather in the city is very hot and humid. Maximum temperature can go up to 33 degree Celsius and minimum can drop down to 24 degrees. And, the sun will be at its peak, so carrying the right kind of clothes is essential.

Clothes to wear in Barcelona

The city is ruled by youth and the ones above 25 rarely wear jeans. So you might want to skip the usual denims.

Clothes for Women – Skirts and shorts will do well for women. Avoid tops that are too strappy, as the people there appreciate a little modesty. You can go for cotton blouse and tops. Think summer and cotton and khaki should be the fabric of choice. One thing you shouldn’t forget is that the Catalans are very serious about their Churches, so if you are visiting a Church, make sure you are properly covered and wearing a trouser with a blouse that covers your shoulders.

Clothes for Men – The government there is sick of boys walking shirtless in streets so may be taking that shirt off isn’t such a good option! Think cotton twill pants, linen pants, slim khakis by day and dark jeans by night and you are all set to take on the weather. As long as you are not on the beach, avoid vests. You can go for cotton and khaki shorts and t-shirts for the day. For the church, a trouser and a shirt is the best option.

Clothes for Kids – Kids can really get irritated by the heat, so keep their clothing simple and lightweight. Nothing too bright! Pack clothes in pastel and cool hues. Cotton and khaki are the best options.

Footwear – The trip won’t be comfortable without an equally comfortable pair of footwear. Desert boots and loafers make up good walking shoes. Avoid boots during July. Flip-flops are good enough only for beach.

Accessories – The city has lots of fun places to shop at, from high-end designer stores to typical street-styled shops. It’s better to pick up accessories from local vendors, so that you don’t stand out from the crowd and your dress doesn’t shout “I am a tourist”.

Other Things to Carry

Since it’s going to be really hot, you might not want to forget the sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses. Whenever stepping out, always carry a water bottle. Wide brimmed hats will also do well. You can also pick up some espadrilles from the beach.

P.S. – When in Barcelona, NEVER step out in a Real Madrid jersey. This is the biggest clothing tip for every season in Barcelona.