What to Wear in Barcelona in February

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:12am by Tyler Coleman

The beautiful city of Barcelona is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and architecture in the world. With close to two millions people living there, this city provides some world class entertainment for its visitors. If you are not a big fan of the summer heat, then coming to Barcelona in February is the best time. During this time you can expect it to be slightly overcast most of the time, with the sun coming out every now and again. The average temperature of Barcelona in February is around 50 degrees, making it quite cool.

What to Wear in Barcelona in February

Weather of Barcelona in February

Barcelona can experience the occasional rain cloud, so it is good to be prepared for cold, rainy weather. In most cases bring a jacket(both light as well as heavy), is a must. With the average sea temperature hovering around 50 degrees, visiting the coast line can become very chilly. Make sure that you are thoroughly packed with enough clothes(and undergarments) to see you through the trip. The following is a great suggestion of things to bring to Barcelona:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Barcelona in February?

Women: This is the best time for women to bring their scarves and shawls out. The cold around February can be a bit overwhelming if you are not fully protected. With the addition to the scarves, it is a good idea to bring some long sleeved shirts and pullovers. The fashion in Barcelona is very casual, so dressing up is not really a big deal. However, for women that do want to dress up for a night out, it is advised that you bring a overcoat. The best coat to bring would be one made from fleece, wool or some warm fabrics.

Men: For men a scarf may work or a simple light jacket for traveling in the day time. Also, during the day a nice pair of chinos may work for the warmer days. On colder days it is important to have some denim jeans to wear, as these jeans will keep you warmer. As far as a coat, sweater or cardigan these can be worn through the day. At night however, you may need to bring your overcoat along with you to handle the cold. Also, a night it is a good idea to opt for a long button up underneath your blazer or jacket. Finally long johns(thermal tops and bottoms) make excellent additions to any man’s wardrobe.

Kids: For the children it is vitally important that they dress warm during the day and night time. The temperature in Barcelona can drop drastically in the period of a few hours. For children, it is suggested that they wear some sort of thermal underneath their clothing. This will help trap body heat and keep them warm. Kids can wear cardigans, pullovers, jackets and long sleeve shirts. As night falls a heavy overcoat is ideal for young children.

Footwear: In the nighttime temperature can fall quite dramatically, because of this it is important to have warm footwear. The best footwear to bring for the family is boots hands down. Boots can withstand any temperature or adverse weather condition(rain or snow). Also, boots keep your feet warm and dry. Other great shoes to wear are tennis shoes for walking around during the daytime and maybe some UGG boots for young girls and women.

Accessories: Two accessories that you can not go wrong with are a tundra hat and a pair of gloves. Tundra hats are designed to keep the ears and head warm, while gloves keep the hands warm.

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